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Finally a sunny day!

It's so much nicer today than it has been lately!

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Great Pork!

Great Pork! Great Pork!
Made some really tasty pork for dinner!
Was super good! Pan seared to keep in the flavor, then covered and baked
with vegetables.
As a result it was very tender and flavorful.

Ingredient list:
Pork shoulder, at least 4 pounds
Seasonings: Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning
1 large onion

I can't seem to find the recipe so here is what I remember:
1) Season the pork; salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. (be generous)
2) Preheat oven to 350 F
3) Cut up an onion
4) Sear meat on stove top, keeps the flavor in so make sure you get all
5) Put meat in roasting pan, fill pan about 3/4 with water, add onion,
cover with foil, and cook for 4 hours
6) In about 3.5 hours cut up some veggies. (carrots, potatoes, cabbage)
7) Take out meat, add veggies, recover and put back in oven for 1 hour.
8) Take meat out of over and you're done.
Hope you like it!
If the meat in the middle (Which wasn't seasoned) is a bit too unflavored
we recommend worcestershire sauce, bbq sauce, as well so more seasonings.

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Fishing with friends at Lake Padden

Fishing at Lake Padden Fishing at Lake Padden
A few days ago Lake Padden was stocked with over 12.7k trout.
Me and a few friends went to the lake this weekend and it was awesome!
We caught 18 trout and had a bunch more bites that we couldn't land.
Pretty good for 4 hours.
#fishing #fish #lakepadden

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This account is now twitter enabled!

This account is now linked to twitter!
You should be able to see all my stuff on the account Dr3amerseye!

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Trout Stocking Happening

Trout Stocking Happening
All over WA this is happening, check online for more information.
Fishing should be really good for a while.
Note: I did not take this picture myself.
#fish #Greenlake

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24 hours dance room

24 hours dance room
Nice practice room at 24 hour fitness.
#woodfloor #24hrfit

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Nice view

Nice view
Big Bend

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Oyster Dome Hike

Some times you just gotta jump! Some times you just gotta jump! Me and my roommate on top o... Me and my roommate on top of Oyster Dome We made it! We made it!
Oyster Dome Hike from the Sammish Lookout.
Nice hike. Took about 3.5 hours total.
Really nice weather; super sunny with very little wind.
The snow has almost all melted and its just really nice up there.
I would highly recommend the hike as long as the weather is nice, just watch out for the occasional muddy parts on the trail.
#hiking #oysterdome #niceday #sunny

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Placed in the J&J

Placed in the J&J Placed in the J&J
Placed 3rd in the J&J
#dance #winterretreat #fun #dressedup #fance #dancy #swing #placed

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