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Melchaela (mi-KEL-uh)

Goddess MELCHAELA teleportin... Goddess MELCHAELA teleporting her son Arnaccu to the Underworld.
Stay tuned for more stories of the mythology created by 10 and 8 yr old sisters plus their friends.
Drawn + Typed by 10 yr old.
SACRED PLACE: JHENOHAI (medical building in Oria)

Melchaela is the friendly and beautiful goddess of health, sickness and medical things. Her mother is Lethlya, goddess of history and knowledge, and her father is Marlo, god of forest animals. She and her sister, Solora (goddess of beauty, youth and the sun), are the most beautiful goddesses in Oria, the Castle of the Gods.

Lethlya and her brother Saesar, the god of weather, never liked each other. In fact, they hated each other. So when Lethlya was pregnant, Saesar put a poison in her food, hoping to kill the baby before they put the immortal spell on her. All it did was make the baby stronger in her immune system and immune to poison. When the baby was born, Saesar was planning something with his half brother, Aldor, the god of mischief. He was hoping that Aldor would trick the baby when she was old enough into gathering animals in a bag and "accidentally" letting them out so they would blame it on her. But the plan backfired, and instead Aldor wanted to do it with the baby who would be Melchaela.

So when Melchaela was two, she and Aldor took a run in the forest gathering all the wild animals they could find. Then they let them all out in Oria, creating a wild riot. Then one of the animals got kicked and scarred and Melchaela healed it. The animal was the fox, and that is why it is her sacred animal.


Mother: Lethlya (Goddess of History)
Father: Marlo (God of Forest Animals)
Uncles: Elethleua (God of War), Saesar (God of Weather) Shureus (Hero)
Aunts: Irodite (Goddess of Parties, Dance, Music)
Half Uncles: Aldor (God of Mischief), Coro (Hero)
Half Aunts: Almora (Goddess of Happiness, Laughter), Cora, Cara, Ellecia (Hero)
Sisters: Solora (Goddess of Beauty, Youth)
Half Brothers: Koreus (Hero), Lacshho (Hero)
Half Sisters: Eolytiphe, KiMana, Silyem (Goddess of Hunting)
Husbands: Elethleua (God of War)
Sons: Arnaccu (Hero)

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Ellecia Defeating the Sprits

Webs talking to Ellecia with Spr... Webs talking to Ellecia with Sprits behind in the background.
More stories by 10 and 8 year old sisters, and friends who made these stories up.
Drawn and typed by 10-yr-old granddaughter.
After the fall of Darkness, Noria decided she wanted to create more children. Not evil children, but good ones that would help her. So she created a magic orb. Noria put some of Darkness's essence in the orb, not knowing that it was some of the evil that Darkness had, to bring it to life. As soon as she blew on the orb, thousands of tiny spirits, who she named the Sprits, flew out of it. At last she had good daughters. She thought they were good until they started going into living organisms and transforming them into monsters.

Some were the Coreodites, who used to be beetles but became poisonous ones, so poisonous they could kill a human in one bite. Then there was Pulibs, a giant venomous boar who had blood on his tusks. Then the jaken, a giant squid made for destroying ships, and Jorschin, a beast with the body of a horse, but with wings and a serpent tail who could spit a venom that becomes a spear. Last but definitely not least, the four Horeodites. The Horeodites are maidens who can turn into a monster and kill by one mere scrape of their claws. But there was never an end to the Sprits unless you can do the impossible, and that is to destroy their orb, which keeps them alive. Only one was strong enough to do it. Her name was Ellecia.

Ellecia was 18 years old and her father was none other but the all-mighty king of the gods, Bahlmor. Her mother was Inphelia, which meant Ellecia was the great granddaughter of Webs. She was determined to destroy the Sprits and so she went to Cloud Oria, the castle of the gods. She said hello to her mother and father and all the other gods and goddesses, then marched into Webs' room. She asked her about the Sprits and Webs told her she had to collect the last six pieces of Aeros and handed her a special map. Webs explained that the map showed one piece at a time and once you found the first one, the next one shows, and so on. Ellecia took the map with her and set off to find them. Irodite told her she needed a type of transportation, and handed her a magical horse.

The first piece to Aeros was an easy grab-and-take, but the other ones were protected by force fields that you can only get through if you have the last piece that you took. Once Ellecia found all of them, she put them all together which gave her a blue and gold special armor to protect her body from being overtaken by the Sprits. At last, she was ready.

She came into the hut of the Sprits and one sprit howled an alarm to warn the army and guards. First she went through the guards, then the Sprit Protectors, and finally, she came to the Orb Protectors. The only five males, who were the strongest of the Sprits. Then Webs whispered in her head, "Grab a male sprit and stick it into the orb, and the orb will crack. That will destroy all the Sprits, for they are connected to it." At that very moment, Ellecia grabbed a male sprit and shoved it into the orb. All the Sprits gasped, and then all at once, they disappeared.

Written/Typed by 10 year old granddaughter.

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New Mythology Created by Grandchildren

Goddess "WEBS", drawn by 8-... Goddess "WEBS", drawn by 8-yr-old granddaughter.
Stay tuned for the stories of this new Mythology, created by 10 and 8-yr-old sisters, plus their friends.
Typed by 10-yr-old.
This is "Webs". Webs' mother is Darkness, who is the daughter of goddess Noria, the creator of the Beginning. Noria is mother to the Sprits and Darkness.

When Darkness created Webs, she made a special necklace called Aeros and was jealous because Webs had a form, and Darkness was just... darkness. So Darkness created an arrow called Scalliope and shot it at Webs, but instead of hitting Webs, it hit her necklace. It shot into a million pieces, some being the captors of Darkness, what we call the stars, some being the messengers of the future gods, called the Aerads, and the last six pieces being a pathway to future heroes...

After the arrow was destroyed, Webs had a daughter called Ihplorhiea, who had Inphelia, Carolya and Yalmir, god of the sky. Yalmir married his mother, Ihplorhiea and had Floreiya, who's Earth. He also married Floreiya, for in the Beginning there were not many people to marry but your family. Together they had the first five gods, Bahlmor, Alexshya, Ahnora, Miris and J'mora. Mankind was created and all was good.

By 10 year old granddaughter

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Old photo - '65 Mustang - s... Old photo - '65 Mustang - summer ride - elbows out the windows, fin windows open to catch more breeze, roar of the engine! WHAT A TREAT!
The Roanoke Tavern restaurant, close to 100 years old, is still bustling on North Mercer Way. The '65 White Mustang Coupe is restored enough to be our second car. Sam and Dee, still able to recreate a few joy rides the old fashioned way in the car, back out of the car port with the windows open - natural air-conditioning system, no power steering, no automatic window opening/closing, no power brakes, regular radio, flip flop windshield wipers. We say, "It's good exercise," as Sam cranks the steering wheel, first to the left and all the way back to the right as we head down the hill.

We're smiling all the way as we roar up West Mercer Way, curve along North Mercer Way and pass other cars - reliving our courting days. The summer evening dinner with Roanoke outdoor seating catches the evening breeze and setting sun. Old-fashioned Chocolate Ice cream Sundae for dessert!

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Grandchild's Quote and Drawing About "Flying" In Life

Grandma and Grandpa Goto are pleased to have our grandchildren visiting and of course we are working to convey some of our life lessons. Yesterday, we were having one of our philosophical discussions with our 10-yr-old grandchild who showed us her favorite quote from her pocketbook THE SPIRIT OF FLIGHT - Believing in Ourselves. We talked about about what "resistance" means in our life.

The drawing was done one day last week as a potential cover page for a story, but also represents some of the ideas about being grateful for issues and problems in our life that gives us practice to become the "resistance" needed to fly.

Then Grandpa got creative and wrote the following poem:



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SELF-PARENTING - Ending the blame game?

We just give them the start! We just give them the start!
August has brought grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins together and a host of discussions about parenting to our house. What was great, what was questionable? Whose ideas are better?

This morning, I had a discussion with Niki, the mother of eight. We have had many conversations about helping our kids learn to self-parent themselves.

Niki said, “I just had a discussion with Erzsi. I am clear. I will do the best I can. I will not be responsible for all my kid’s choices. I just gave them a start.”

A good start in life
Is all parents can give.
And examples to live.

That’s all we can do
We know that is true,
Because no matter what
We are being tested too.

Get ready - be prepared,
For the nature of life.
We’re all learning from
Our own troubles and strife. sg

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Humbleness, Humility, Bowing

We benefit from the "freedom"... We benefit from the "freedom" we have to be individuals here in America and I like that!!!
“HUMBLENESS” is currently on the list of one of the top characteristics of successful people according to Business Insider research. How do I remain proud and assertive without being haughty or arrogant? In a country like Japan everyone greets each other with a bow.

As a third generation American with Japanese heritage, I watched my parents and grandparents greet anyone outside our home with a bow. Without thinking I perform some similar gesture and at least nod my head in kind of an American style bow. I notice if I say, “Hi”, I lift my chin. If I say, “Konnichiwa” (good day in Japanese - greeting someone), I tuck my chin and lower my forehead.

My fifth generation grandson makes fun of bowing by coming up to me and making an exaggerated forward bend and smiling because in comedy and on stage Japanese are depicted always bowing. The Japanese American Citizen’s League filed a law suit over a situation in Washington State as a legal protest against this stereotyping form of discrimination.

It is most irritating to me , as Americans with Japanese Heritage who grew up in the USA, to meet socially with those who come from Japan who consider themselves in a higher class and seem offended when I don’t bow to them.

Conversely, I am embarrassed when I meet with those who were born in Japan and they bow so low to me.

Clearly, humbleness and humility are inadequate terms. What I want to get to is a feeling of dignity with mutual respect and leave the "class system" behind.

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yo = extra, additional (time, ski... yo = extra, additional (time, skill building, money, foresight)
yu = abundance, ample (cushion, the zone, poise)
Country singer, Glen Campbell, died yesterday of Alzheimer problems. One of the descriptions given of his life is that on his farewell tour three years ago, he sometimes forgot the names of his children, but he could play his guitar without missing a beat. They say, "The skill and music was 'in his heart'." He had 'yoyu' to meet his challenges.

Last night, the Seattle Mariner baseball team overcame a 6-2 deficit and won the game in 10 innings. They had 'yoyu'!

Vince Lombardi, renowned coach of the GreenBay Packers football team, used to say, "If you are five minutes early, you are ten minutes late." He knew how to put 'yoyu' into his time management.

Thomas Sowell, economist at Stanford's Hoover Institute, teaches, "Think beyond stage one." In other words, put in some spacing: making choices - yoyu - and taking action.

Today, I decided to start practicing putting some 'yoyu' into my life when I get in the car to go for an errand or appointment. If I can get in the car a little ahead of the time that I actually have to leave and sit and think, then I would benefit myself with not leaving and going down the road before I remember a couple things I forgot. Today, I let it go and didn't turn around and go back home, but sometimes I do.

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Learning from the "Three Fing... Learning from the "Three Fingers Pointed At Self"
Blaming Others Brings on Chronic Stress:
Even if I am using this as a defense mechanism to avoid anxiety or emotional pain, harboring negative emotions and anger means I am living with chronic stress, the type that eats away at me little by little. Chronic stress is the type of stress linked to chronic fatigue, back pain, stomach upset and headaches and serious diseases like heart trouble, Cancer, Depression and autoimmune diseases.

Much of malcontent has to do with the refusal to take personal responsibility. People make mistakes and engage in regrettable actions. But by failing to take personal responsibility the road to constructive change is blocked. This refusal is piloted by the belief that somehow it is not okay to make mistakes. Better to blame others than to admit culpability. For, making mistakes means being flawed and being flawed means being unworthy of respect.

I must give up the blame claim that someone always has to be blamed and made to pay. Everyday life isn’t a court of law and I'm not the judge and jury. To accept myself and others unconditionally is not easy. This doesn’t mean I can’t negatively rate my own actions or those of others; but it does mean that I shouldn’t berate myself or others. People aren’t “assholes” or “shits” even when they do shitty things.

Articles in Psychology Today and others suggest "recasting responsibility" as a way to learn from my mistakes. Accepting my fallibility as a route toward self-improvement has brought peace of mind. I rest content that I live in an imperfect world. Embracing this imperfect universe and the fallible beings in it, myself and others — putting my energy into choices that move me forward - has paid off richly.

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"WE LOST!!!"

Rollerblade Hockey team in Ha... Rollerblade Hockey team in Half Moon Bay, CA. "Pure human grit, no politics, no horror, just a few kids fighting for something they never even knew they wanted." 7/30/17
Last Sunday was the "Championship" round for, our almost 10-yr-old granddaughter's Rollerblade Hockey season. Three "star" players and the coach were not available. The remaining team members (4 total) carried their fears with them all week. They had one sub to make the team (5) total but with no substitutes.

Our granddaughter said over and over "we're going to lose!" The day before the game she said, "We have go to to the high school and practice! We need to practice before tomorrow!"

Each parent had a similar story to tell. The nerves ran high, but each player knew it was "up to them".

The first period (of three) it was 0-0. The team held together, with no reserves. Sometimes they had 4 on the field so one could rest for a few minutes. The second period they went up 3-1. They could not believe it. Each goal was a victory, each of the "stops" they had against the other team was amazing. The third period was tied 3-3 until the last 2 minutes. A puck made it through and the other team scored. It was 4-3 with one minute to go. Granddaughter's team goalie came off the field and it was an offensive last ditch play to tie it up and go into overtime. With :20 seconds left, the other team made a goal. It was 5-3 and they lost!

The team came off the rink exhausted — but elated. Each player knew they did their best. Our granddaughter was happy and felt proud of her performance. It was a celebration.

The next day the stand-in-coach sent an e-mail, "They all stepped up. The most amazing were Kira and Kirin. My blast email tried not to focus on individuals, but you should let Kirin know- we’ve seen what she can do now. No more huddling with Sophie behind the bench, or hiding in the defensive zone. She showed that when she shows up to play she can play- and really really well too."

Grandpa Sam comments, "Losing is good!!! I remember the Weiser High School football game where I made all those tackles. We lost! Coach Gill took me to the Rotary Club meeting in Ontario later because I was given an award for being voted "the best defensive opponent".

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