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Exchanging business cards

Exchanging business cards Exchanging business cards
Probably, I think you guys also exchange your business card with other business persons.(おそらくみなさんも他のビジネスマンと名刺交換はすると思います。)

But you don't bow to them while exchanging business cards, right?
Actually, Japanese business persons are bowing at that time.

I think the reason is that business persons respect them.
It's kind of weird culture in Japan...
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What is a typical Japanese breakfast?


What is a typical Japanese br...
The traditional Japanese breakfast is rice, one or two easily prepared dishes, miso soup and pickles.(従来の日本の朝食は、ご飯と1~2種類の簡単なおかずと、みそ汁や漬物です。)

However, today there are increasing people especially working people who have simpler Western-style breakfast such as toast and coffee. (しかしながら、最近では、より簡単なトーストとコーヒーといった洋風の朝食を取る人が、特に働いている人の間で増えています。)

By the way, I always have rice and natto that is made of soy beans with miso soup at breakfast because this style makes me more energetic than western one. (ちなみに、朝食の際、私は毎日納豆とご飯、そしてみそ汁を一緒に食べています。なぜなら、このスタイルのほうが、洋風のスタイルに比べて、私を精力的にさせてくれるからです。)

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3-day holiday in Japan

3-day holiday in Japan
3-day holiday in Japan now from 18th to 20th.

This picture is at Omotesando.

We wanted to take a rest at cafeteria, but it was impossible.

There were many people and make line everywhere.

That's though to look for place where we can sit. Everyone enjoys each of holidays.

Omotesando is famous in Japan.

Every younger people are attracted by omotesando because there are many fashionable restaurants and shops.
If you come Japan, you have to stop by.
#JOL #休日 #holiday #omotesando

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Crowded Train in Japan

Crowded Train in Japan Crowded Train in Japan Crowded Train in Japan
Have you ever seen such a picture in Japan?
It always happens in morning and night on every weekday.
Most of them are going to their offices and schools.

In Japan, Transportation are developing, so everyone use them.
Trains are always late in morning because many persons are riding on them.
If you don’t want to make experience like it, you should live in near your office.

#JapaneseCulture #AboutJapan #JOL #Tokyo

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Shibuya Crossing


Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya crossing is the world's busiest pedestrian crossing and also a popular place that makes the most traveler's list of top recommendations.

Thousands of pedestrian all cross at same time from five directions ( Up to 3,000 people use the crossing per green cycle.)

Why is the crossing so busy?.......

Shibuya is one of the major shopping districts in Tokyo and so many people are walking between various stores near the crossing. Also, there are so many things to do such as restaurants, movie theaters, karaoke. If you're bored and getting nothing to do, it would be good idea for you to hang out in Shibuya to kill some time.

#JapaneseCulture #AboutJapan #JOL #Tokyo #Shibuya

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Job hunting in Japan

Job hunting in Japan Job hunting in Japan
(University students who are senior start job hunting every March in Japan.
Everyone wears suits like picture. That's weird.)


(Everyone wears suits like picture. That's weird.)

Thank you.
#jobhunting #culture

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Sushi Sushi Sushi Sushi Sushi
You can spend a lot of money to get great sushi but what is the satisfaction in that? This sushi was served at Kappa Sushi in Tokyo. The price 1,200 yen. ($11.00)

Last time I went there, the place was closed for good. Now I need to find other places.
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Japanese-Online Meeting in Japan

Japanese-Online Meeting in Ja...
Interns are meeting / having breakfast with Mayumi Nakamura, President of PSPinc in Tokyo. Hotel buffet breakfast is so good in Japan especially at Hotel New Otani, Tokyo. It cost 3,800 yen ($35) but with member's club, it has some discount.

It is good to see all of them.
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Tonki ... Tonkatsu ... Pork Cutlet

Tonki ... Tonkatsu ... Pork Cutlet Expect to sones $17 to $25. Expect to sones $17 to $25.
I am writing this blog to the people who are planning to visit Japan. If you like Japanese style Pork Cutlet called "Tonkatsu とんかつ", you need to try Tonki in Meguro.

This is one of the best Tonkatsu in Tokyo. But Tonkatsu is such a popular item in Japan, you can find many Tonkatsu restaurants and most of they are very good. But Tonki will serve in the counter only environment. You need to try this.
#jol #japaneseonline #uchikiraco #japaneseculture #japanesefood #aboutjapan #tokyo

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Different Kind of Ramen

Different Kind of Ramen Different Kind of Ramen Different Kind of Ramen
Everybody likes Ramen. But have you ever had Tomato based soup Ramen?
It is very much like Italian spaghetti in the soup. When you have a chance, you must try this one.
#japaneseonline #jol #uchikiraco #japaneseculture #japanesefood #valueproposition

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