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Hello, this is Taka. Thank you JASSW!!!

Hello, this is Taka. Thank you...
Hello, everyone. It is June 2nd 2014. It is so sunny today here in Seattle. And I really like the great weather here these day.

My name is Takahiro Ito. I did internship for 2 months in JASSW so far from the end of March and it will be the last week of my Internship this week which is so sad. I really like Seattle and I wish I could get job and stay longer here,

I joined this internship to get a clear idea of what will I do for job after I go back to Japan when I finish 1 year study abroad program at Seattle.

Through involving various events of JASSW; Annual dinner, booth at Sakura Matsuri, Interviewing Riho-san and James-san as a writer of Story of my life, visiting high school to teach Japaneses as JIS volunteer, I could gain many precious experiences which covers business, education, culture.

Although I don't decide what kind of job will I have in the future, those experiences got from this internship experience will help me to get a better life in the future. I can confidently say that I am a completely different person from the one who started to work here 2 months ago!!

Thank you for reading through this blog and if you are curious about me, please contact me any time, especially if you have any job information or employ opportunity here at Seattle, please let me know because I want to work here at Seattle~.

My LINE account is winwinwin777
search me as the key word "Takahiro Ito", "Waseda" on Facebook.

Thank you,
Takahiro Ito.
Waseda university SILS department 4th grade.
UW TSA international student.

Special thanks to my great cowaorkers which is
Dale Watanabe,
Akiko Olson,

You guys are Awesome!!


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JIS in hedgwood elementary school


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Hello,I'm Ryoma

Hello,I'm Ryoma
I'm Ryoma Kawazoe from Tokyo university of Science in Japan.
I major in mechanical engineering and just finished the first grade.

I came to Seattle to visit my family who lives here, and I'm going to stay here for about two weeks.

I'm glad to have the opportunity for this kind of volunteer.

It's my first time to do something like this and I don't know what I can do since I
have only four times to come here including today.

It seems to be harder than I was thinking first, but I'm expecting to learn new things during these days.

Thank you.


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Experience of "Japan in the Schools"

Experience of "Japan in the S... Experience of "Japan in the S...
Feb 25th 2014、JASSWのインターンシップ生として、Japan In the School(JIS)のプログラムに参加してきました。今回は私にとって初めてのJISだったのですが、普段けっして経験することがないことをたくさん経験することができ、一日の終わりにとても充実を感じています。今回のJISでは、シアトルから車で1時間ほどのタコマ市にある、Washington High Schoolで授業を行いました。JISではいつも授業に合わせたスーツケースを持っていき、その中に入っている日本特有のものを使って授業を行います。今回のJISでは日本の“custom”, “shopping”, “restaurant”という設定にそって文化を学びながら日本語の勉強をしました。



               Feb 20, 2014‐Mar 14, 2014までのインターン生   
                青山学院大学 文学部英文学科 品川実菜

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Hello,I'm Chihiro Narita

Hello,I'm Chihiro Narita
Hello.Nice to meet you.
I'm Chihiro Narita.
I'm from Tokyo,in Japan.

I've been JASSW as an intern from February18th 2014,
and I'll stay here for 3 weeks.

I enjoyed life in Seattle.
Because my host family and JASSW staff are very kind
for me.

I'm a Toyo university student,in Japan.
I study global economics at my school.
I want to do office work in connection with economy
in future.

So,I think that the work I am working by JASSW is helpful to my future.

I am happy to work here.

Thank you.



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Hello, I'm Mitsuyo

Greetings JASSW viewers,

My name is Mitsuyo. I was recently offered this opportunity to work as an intern
at the JASSW.

This is an official OPT opportunity in the US related to my coursework in my major, which is Business.

I decided to join the JASSW since I wanted to know how it built and developed the relationship between Seattle and Japan.

Currently, the JASSW hosts and promotes activities as a bridge for Business, Educational and Cultural exchanges between the State of Washington and Japan.

It give me great pleasure to be involved in these activities with JASSW.

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Hello, I'm Artina Daniels

Hello, I'm Artina Daniels who studies at the TAF Academy.

As an intern, I expect to be pushed to my full language learning abilities. I also expect my knowledge of Japanese and American culture to be expanded and to better understand how these cultures cooperate together.

I am interested in how Japanese and American culture is combined in your society. I want to better understand both cultures and how they have been presented to the public.

I would like to bring my knowledge of not only Washington state but of other state's and county's cultures to the Japan Society.


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Hello,I'm Torri Judith Brown

Hello,I'm Torri Judith Brown who studies at the TAF Academy.

I expect to get an insight on a Japanese run company and possibly learn more about their culture and language. I hope fully will be able to practice the language during the internship.

I am interested in the cultural events and programs that they have to offer. I would love to participate in one of their events. I am also interested in the visit to schools that JASSW has. I think it is interesting that they share Japanese culture with students.

A group where high school students can represent Washington to visit other high schools in Japan. I think that is a great idea because we can learn from each other the different ways. Classes are taught and get an idea of what the education system is like Japan.

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Hello, I'm Mina Shinagawa.

Hello, I'm Mina Shinagawa.

Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Mina Shinagawa. I'm from Kanagawa prefecture, in Japan. Kanagawa prefecture is famous for Yokohama city.

I've been JASSW as an intern from February 20th 2014, and I'll stay here for 4 weeks. I decided to apply for an internship at JASSW, because I wanted to experience working abroad, and I'm very interested in cultural exchange.

I just finished my sophomore in Aoyama Gakuin University, and I will be a junior next semester. I major in English American Literature there, and I often enjoy learning foreign culture by reading books or watching musicals.

I will do my best to contribute JASSW during my stay in Seattle.

Thank you.


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Hello, I'm Alex

Hello JASSW viewers!

My name is Alex Smith, and I started working at JASSW as an intern on October 31st. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.

I recently graduated from Willamette University with a degree in Japanese Studies, and studied abroad at Tokyo International University. While I attended Willamette, I assisted in tutoring and mentoring Japanese exchange students in adjusting to American life.

I decided to join JASSW because I would like to help deepen and strengthen the relationship between Japan and Washington State.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

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