3/11/2012 Winds for Hope

3/11/2012 Winds for Hope Also on Sunday Winds for Hope raised money to buy instruments for students affected by the Earthquake-Tsunami in a glittering show of classical and Jazz musicians, from local groups to international figures. Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto, principal trombone Seattle Symphony, Toshiko Akiyoshi, jazz pianist and composer, Lew Tabackin, flute and tenor sax, and Eric Miyashiro wowed the near-capacity audience for a good cause.

3/11/2012 Day of Remembrance

3/11/2012 Day of Remembrance We were honored to be a part of SeattleJapanRelief.org which presented "A Day of Remembrance, A Day of Preparedness, Day of Rebuilding" on the anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake-Tsunami. Thank you you especially to the SeattleJapanRelief.org Advisory Council for producing this wonderful event that honored, educated, and commemorated.

2/28/12 U.S Employment Law

2/28/12 U.S Employment Law 25 guests learned the ins and outs of employment law from two experts in the field, Ms. Naoko Inoue Shatz, Shatz Law Group, and Ms. Masakok Kanazawa, Assistant Attorey General, Atttorney General's Office Labor and Industries Division. To better faciliate understanding, this progam was presented in Japanese.

The beautiful Kimono at Celebrate Asia

The beautiful Kimono at Celebra... Showing their colors more than 25 ladies atteneded Kimono Jack. The preceoncert reception provided Japanese appetizers, a private kimono adjustment area, and and a chance to mingle at the private Soundbridge studio before joining the rest of the Celebrate Asia audience in Benaroya auditorium.

Visit our facebook page for more photos of the event.

See you at Kimono Jack tonight!

We will be posting photos of the beautiful kimono and concert tomorrow.

Annual Meeting and Dinner 4/18/12

Annual Meeting and Dinner 4/1... Annual Dinner April 18, 2012. Join 200 business leaders from the Puget Sound area for our upcoming Annual Meeting and Dinner. Our keynote speaker is Mr. Jeff Bernier, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Sales and Affairs, Delta Air Lines. Also presenting the 7th Annual Thomas S. Foley Award to Japanese Companies in Washington State, accepted on their behalf by the Japan Business Association. These companies have contributed the area's business and cultural landscape since its founding, and their operations continue to strengthen our region today. Visit jassw.org, upcoming events.

Visit our facebook page for more information. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Japan-America-Society-of-the-State-of-Washington/134769239869360#!/pages/Japan-America-Society-of-the-State-of-Washington/134769239869360

Improve Your Golf with Kuniko Yamamoto

Improve Your Golf with Kuniko... Japan-America Society members and friends stretch to start a two hour clinic with master trainer Kuniko Yamamoto. Visit our facebook page for more photos and information.

Improve Your Golf with Kuniko Yamamoto

Improve Your Golf with Kuniko... We are looking forward to welcoming many health and fitness enthusiasts at tomorrow's Improve Your Golf with Kuniko Yamamoto. Please note, the Japanese program starts at 10:00. Don't forget the Japan-America Society Annual Golf Tournament on July 18th!

Kimono Jack at Celebrate Asia News

Kimono Jack at Celebrate Asia... We've added seats to Kimono Jack at Celebrate Asia, so space is still available. Also, if you already have a ticket to the concert, you can now join us for the reception only for appetizers and kimono adjusting/admiring! Visit jassw.org, upcoming events.

Special Ticket Offer- Winds for Hope

We are please to offer Japan-America Society members and friends premium seats to the upcoming Winds for Hope concert. Tickets are $36.50, normally $58 with service charge. All proceeds go to Winds for Hope to replace musical instruments for Japanese students affected by the Tohoku Earthquake-Tsunami. Visit jassw.org, upcoming events.

Visit our facebook page for more Japan-America Society news and events.

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