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I will be 60 next year ... Time passes so fast. 60 is the age my father died. So, what can I do to leave my mark using the time I have left. We rarely think about the end. But it will come. We usually do not know when. So we need to make sure we do our best.

16 Rules of Etiquette

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16 Rules of Etiquette
Here are things I found on the internet. I wish people use (13) and (16) on the Internet. That includes media as well. But some of the things are little outdated.

1. Always call before visiting someone.

2. Never dry an umbrella when it's opened.

3. Don't use plastic bags/branded boutique shopping bags as a handbag.

4. Never put a handbag on your lap or chair.

5. The best "home clothes" are pants and a casual sweater.

6. When a child transitions to having their own room, always knock before entering.

7. A lady can wear a hat and/or gloves indoors...

8. The total number of accessories you wear should never exceed 13.

9. If you say you're "inviting someone" to a restaurant, then you're implying that you'll be the one to pick up the tab.

10. The person who exits an elevator first is the closest to the door...

11. The most prestigious seat in a car is behind the driver.

12. When visiting a cinema, theater, or concert hall, you should always face the people you have to walk past to get to your seat.

13. Taboo subjects for small talk: politics, religion, health, money.

14. Don't pull your phone out and leave it on the table in public.

15. Don't engage in gossip, especially if it's behind someone's back.

16. Make a secret of nine things: Age, wealth, religion, family affairs, medical issues, gifts, romantic entanglements, honor, and disgrace.

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