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On another note, I was invited to go to Korea by Magnus Korea president Mr. Son in November. I’ve known Mr. Son for 30 years. He started by selling our Fukken and due to high taxes and many obstacles, he was forced to create his own ways to produce Fukken independently. He is a very inventive and bright man. He was always very studious and ended up even writing a book on mushroom mycelia and other health food publications.
About 10 years ago, he invited me to create a medical clinic geared toward more naturalistic treatments with special attention to creating treatments that are more tailored towards each patient’s specific needs but I declined saying my goal lies in prevention rather than treatment. 2 years ago, when they visited the US, they said that the clinics were doing well and invited me to visit them in Korea. Finally last year, I was able to visit them in November.
He actually built 3 clinics. I was so surprised and impressed by his vitality. Mr. Son while working long hours everyday, continued studying and achieved his doctorate expanding his horizon further and further. His graduating thesis was on improvement of Korea’s medical environments.
I visited all 3 clinics and could see first hand the tremendous care given to each patient. I was impressed that in difficult cases, nurses are stationed permanently inside each room 24 hours a day. Also, the facilities are built so that they have a “at home” feeling throughout. Maybe that’s why the patients looked relaxed and positive.

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