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How to improve separation in RP HPLC

How to improve separation in...
Not getting enough separation or retention with your C18 column? Watch this tutorial to learn how to improve your analysis.

More information on COSMOSIL Cholester
More information on COSMOSIL PBr

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New HPLC applications for JP

New HPLC applications for JP
New applications for drugs listed in the Japanese pharmacopeia, metabolites and foods have been added to our database.

To see each application, click the link below and put an application No. (AP-****) into a box.

Drugs listed in the Japanese pharmacopeia (17th edition)
Ciprofloxacin [AP-1519]
Voriconazole [AP-1520]

Nucleic acids and related compounds
Allantoin, hypoxanthine and other nucleic acid-related compounds [AP-1497, AP-1518]
Nucleotides: AMP, ADP, ATP [AP-1499]
Sugar nucleotides [AP-1492]

Vitamin D metabolites
Vitamins D2 and D3 [AP-1515]
Vitamins D2 and D3 and their metabolites [AP-1514]

Food components
Soy oligosaccharides: raffinose and stachyose [AP-1487, AP-1495]
Stevia extract: stevioside and rebaudioside A [AP-1500]
Rice bran extract: γ-oryzanol [AP-1508, AP-1509]
Polyphenol oligomers [AP-1510, AP-1511, AP-1512]
Quercetin glycosides [AP-1516]

Active pharmaceutical ingredients
Anti-diabetic drug: acarbose [AP-1486]
Polymyxin antibiotic: colistin [AP-1502]

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Added new natural product standards

Added new natural product sta...
New Product List

- Prunus Mume
- Grape, Japanese Knotweed, and Passion fruit
- Grape
- Polygonum Cuspidatum
- Passionfruit
- Mulberry
- Ferulic Acid from Rice Bran
- Notopterygium Incisum
- Rheum Palmatum
- Black Currant, Black Soybean and others
- Inulins
- Rare sugars (Keto-hexoses)
- Rare sugars (Aldo-hexoses)
- Rare sugars (Sugar alcohols)
- Saturated fatty acids
- Broccoli
- Coffee
- Glucosylceramide
- Glycosylceramides from Rice
- Glycosylceramides from Konjac
- Glycosylceramides from Hen of the Woods (Maitake)
- Glycosylceramides from Tamogitake
- Phospholipids from Milk
- Phospholipids from Egg Yolk
- Ganglioside from Milk
- Gangliosides (Synthetic)
- Sphingoid Bases

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New Lanosterol Standards

New Lanosterol Standards
Lanosterol is a steroid found in animals and fungi, and it has gained attention recently as a potential treatment for cataracts. Nagara Science succeeded in producing highly purified (>=99.5%) lanosterol, dihydrolanosterol and cholesterol reagents from sheep wool fat, an industry first.
* For research use only, not for medicinal or other uses.

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EB2016 held in San Diego

EB2016 held in San Diego
We attended EB2016, Experimental Biology, in Apr and want to share with you all what product lines we introduced.

- SDS-PAGE in 10 min.
- Blocking in 5 min.
- Signal enhancer for ELISA, WB and IHC
- Magnetic beads for chemical biology


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We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit us at our new web address The site’s homepage features natural colors and a simple design. We wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly.

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