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Hard but Wonderful days.

Macbookは僕には無縁のも... Macbookは僕には無縁のものだと思ってた。
Since I started working in the IT company, it's 10 days already.
While I am really enjoying the new world, feel so much pressure everyday.
I need to understand many tusks as soon as possible and make a good result for my company. This is absolutely a big challenge for me and I can enjoy it.

#Enjoy #Pressure #Result

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Start My Bloguru!

playing swing in the park playing swing in the park
Hey guys!

I started my bloguru as well as my web-site.

As I told some of you guys who might come this page, I started to work in Seattle.
I have ever expected to work in the US before but finally I am working here now.

I really want to say everyone who's dreaming about your own goal or something that never never never give up! just work so hard and stick to it even if you think it unrealistic or so risky.
Life is short. You do not have time to regret anything you did.
Just do it whatever you want!

#Dream #Justdoit #Nevergiveup

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