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New Year Challenge #1

New Year Challenge #1
Over* the new year holidays I made this. What is it? Can you guess? I`ll give you a hint: I put it outside in the garden; the string with bricks (レンガ) over** the top is to keep the roof on in windy weather. Now it`s empty, but when winter is over***, I hope it will be used by... something. Okay, hint time is over***!

Over**** to you - what do you think it is? Please leave your idea in comments!

The word 'over' has various meanings, e.g.
* during, throughout ** on, covering *** finished **** change, switch

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Michihiro Tanaka
Commented by Michihiro Tanaka
Posted at 2018-01-13 07:58

Definitely chicken coop and you made some gadget to easily access eggs without getting your hands dirty.

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Teragoya Otto
Commented by Teragoya Otto
Posted at 2018-01-15 20:52

No, it`s too small to be a chicken coop - my chickens would get claustrophobia!

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