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New Year Challenge #2

New Year Challenge #2
I also made this last week. I`d been meaning to (= intending to) make it for a long time - since I first got my pet chickens last spring (that`s a hint!). It didn`t take long* to make - only about 30 minutes, but I hope it lasts [保つ] a long time. What do you think it is?

- * 'long' = 'a long time`: 'a long time' is used in positive sentences; 'long' is used in questions or negative sentences, not positive sentences.

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Michihiro Tanaka
Commented by Michihiro Tanaka
Posted at 2018-01-13 22:42

egg rolling board to the front access

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Teragoya Otto
Commented by Teragoya Otto
Posted at 2018-01-15 20:54

Oh, nice guess! I`ve been thinking of making that kind of thing, but this is not it.

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