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How to Set Up Google Analytics

How to Set Up Google Analytics
If you really want to get serious about setting up analytics to understand and track your web performance, you might think about using Google Analytics. In fact, this is the perfect time of year to set it up so you can start fresh in the New Year and collect a full year of data in 2017. Without analytics data, you’re in the dark as to how to improve your online performance and you could be missing out on growth opportunities. Let’s discuss how you can get started with Google Analytics.

First, you need to have a Google account. If you already have a Gmail account, you could use that account, but if you are using it for personal use you might want to create a separate account for your business. Once your business account is set up it can be used for analytics, but you can also tap into some other handy web tools like Google Webmaster Tools and AdWords. The best part about it, all of this is free to you!

Once you have a Google account, you can login to Google Analytics and select the Admin tab from the menu. It will show you three steps: 1) Account, 2) Property, and 3) View. Set up Account and Property first, and then click “Tracking Code” under “Tracking Info.” There you will set up web and mobile app tracking to obtain the code for your site. Once you get the tracking code, you need to embed it within your site. Either you need to do it, or you need to contact someone who can help you do it.

You can also configure items such as Goals so you can see your conversion rates. You can even add filters that discard any traffic to your website that comes from within your own company – because the point is to track new site visitors, not the people who work for you. Google has a simple video on YouTube explaining how to set up Google Analytics.

If it all sounds like a big hassle to set this up, and you’d rather not do it yourself, call us! This is what we do. Let PSPinc help you get set up with analytics and open your eyes to a wealth of new data that can help your business grow.
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