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How to Evaluate your Web Content

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How to Evaluate your Web Con...
After you get a chance to evaluate how your website and/or social media efforts performed in 2016, it is time to reassess your content. After all, the message you have on those websites is the key to conversions and the success of your online business.

So how do you do that?

One way is to see where you appear in Google search results. Simply search keywords relevant to your business to see if your website shows up anywhere in the first 10 pages or so. If you did not show up, you might want to narrow your search by including your city, state, or even a region within your keyword phrase to see if that works. For example, I would look for PSPinc by searching the keywords: “web hosting company Bellevue.”

If you did show up, that’s great, but there is usually room for improving your position in the search engine results (SER). There are a couple things you should also consider.

First, you need to make sure you are logged off from your Gmail account. If your browser knows who you are, it will display ads that are very specific to you (based on your past searches and web behaviors), so you may not get the same SER as your potential customers. You could simply click on the tiny globe icon towards the top right of your Google search results page to see the “global” results. Just make sure your search results are not biased to you only.

Second, look to see how many results you get with your keyword search. After you plug in your keyword and search, the number displays at the top of the search results page above the first listing in small gray font. If you search broad keywords with lots of listings, you might want to narrow down your search. It is said people are using longer keyword phrases to be less competitive while targeting a more specific audience with specific interests. So we suggest you try that with three or more words in your search term.

If your website doesn’t show up at all in the SER no matter what you search, we need to figure out if your site has been “indexed” by Google - meaning registered into their database. The simplest way to find out is to enter your domain name, or URL, in the search field. If your site is still nowhere to be seen, maybe we can help. Just call us at PSPinc so we can analyze your website for free and give you more specific feedback.
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