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  • The Constant Cycle of Online Marketing Strategy

The Constant Cycle of Online Marketing Strategy

The Constant Cycle of Online M...
Once you have your website and social media sites up and running, it’s just the beginning of a constant cycle of strategizing, reviewing and re-evaluating what works and what doesn’t. Since the New Year starts very soon, we’ve compiled a list of things to do during each phase of your strategic cycle this coming year. We’ve listed these phases for you, including steps to help you evaluate and elevate the success of your online business...

1) Strategy

Determine what your internet marketing goals are and then set your objectives to achieve them. Make sure your goals and objectives are measurable, and do not use any subjective words such as “more” or “bigger.” By measurable, we mean being able to score how well you did to meet your goal and complete your objectives.

2) Design and Development

Design and develop your website and social media according to your goals and objectives. List the key elements you want to include in each, such as keywords, your brand messages, and your tone of voice.

3) SEO, Social Media and Blogging

Have a means to stay connected with your customers and audience on a regular basis. You can use a blog and social media like Facebook to do so. Make sure you inter-link your blogs, website and social media sites for search engine optimization purposes. Use them to promote each other! And your website should be updated regularly so search engines will crawl and re-index your site often, which is good for SEO.

4) Analytics

Implementing the analytics tools we discussed previously, let your site run for a while. Once you have a little time and enough data under your belt, you should check to see how things are going, web traffic wise. What you assumed would work while designing and developing your site may or may not be true, and analytics data will give you that insight.

5) Maintenance

Based on your analytics data, adjust your site and media accordingly. A/B (and C) Testing mentioned in my previous blog post may come in handy when it comes to analyzing and adjusting your content and strategy. Without any maintenance, your strategic plan for online success will fall short.

6) Re-strategize

After completing phases 1 - 5, you need to circle back and review your strategy again, completing the cycle. This is the best time of year to do that since you only have a few days left before starting fresh in 2017. And remember, there is no one way to do things right so have a few different objectives this year, take a leap of faith and try something new!
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