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  • How to Gain Customer Trust in your Company

How to Gain Customer Trust in your Company

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How to Gain Customer Trust i...
If your company isn’t widely known yet, it’s important to let potential customers know you are a legitimate business and you will take care of your customers. Here’s how you can do that:

Show them you’re a legitimate business.

There are so many fake websites in the world, people have begun to question what’s real and what’s fake. To ensure customers you exist and they can trust your website, you should make sure you state your address and a phone number. Not knowing where your company is headquartered adds doubt and may prevent potential customers from taking the action you hope for. On your website, include a telephone number, your business address, and the story or history of your business on an “About us” page, or on your social media site linked to your home page.

Have a means to contact you.

If you do not have a “Contact us” page or a link to contact your business, visitors will hesitate to connect with you. If they don’t believe they can follow up with you for help or questions about a purchase, why would they trust buying from you? Just as it’s important to get your business presence online via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others, it’s also important to have your contact information out there on each site, as well as on your home page so visitors can contact you with inquiries.

If you want visitors to subscribe to your company newsletter, be sure to have a means to unsubscribe in the email. People don’t wish to get spammed when they are no longer interested in receiving your emails, and it reflects poorly on your company if they start complaining about it or writing bad reviews. Also, if you have an online form where visitors can make inquiries, prepare a privacy statement so they feel safe giving you their information.

State your policies.

Whether you are selling a product or a service, be sure to state your online and offline policies. If you are selling products online, state your policies for payment, shipping, and return procedures. Having these policies and procedures clearly stated will help garner customer trust in your company’s stability and credibility while reducing any misunderstandings that could arise from a customer’s shopping experience.

Larger online companies have very clear statements about their policies. You might want to review some of those to get ideas for your own, however, it would be worthwhile to talk to a legal advisor that can help you prepare statements that reflect specifically who you are and what you do.
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