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  • Collaboration in the Cloud

Collaboration in the Cloud

Collaboration in the Cloud
One of the benefits of cloud technology is collaboration. It is a new way to share and work together through cloud computing and shared storage of documents, SaaS (Software as a Service) and more. Because our devices can also connect to the cloud, our physical location in the world becomes less important. No matter where we are, the cloud enables us to work together virtually.

Here are some popular cloud technologies to consider:

Online Storage:

The most commonly used cloud collaboration tool today is online storage. Instead of sending files as email attachments, you can create a folder with shared access in the cloud so you and others can share documents with each other there. You can go beyond that with tools that allow multiple people to access a file at the same time, but first you should have a policy in place to make sure the authority and ownership of certain files are clear in order to successfully and effectively work together.

Remote Telephones:

You may have heard the term “Hosted PBX.” For those who do not know what PBX is, it is an abbreviation of Private Branch Exchange which is basically a telephone system to manage multiple lines with multiple phones for an organization. In the good old days, you had PBX in your office, which then handled incoming and outgoing calls for your offices, but now with a virtual hosted PBX, you are not tied to your physical office location. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a phone to work with virtual PBX. You can literally have a “soft” phone on your computer, answering your office extension from your home computer using a headset.

Virtual Conferencing:

Now there are programs available for video conferencing and screen-sharing via the cloud such as WebEx, Microsoft, and Adobe. In every case, you will need to have a supported device with an internet connection. Depending on your connection speed, you may find this kind of collaboration more difficult to do in the cloud.
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