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Get your Business Discovered on Yelp

Get your Business Discovered ...
When it comes to local marketing, you’re not limited to just Google and Facebook. Sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor that engage with local businesses, and where people can submit their reviews and experiences, are also important. A good rule of thumb is that happy customers are the best brand ambassadors. When they give you positive ratings and reviews, they spread the word about your business, creating a buzz marketing effect.

There is some debate whether Yelp is effective or not, but we cannot ignore the fact that Yelp URLs do show up in search results, often high up on the first page, so if your business is active on Yelp, you could be discovered in a Google search via Yelp.

Like Facebook and Google, you need to claim your business on Yelp and take charge of the content. Here are the steps to do that:

1. Go to
2. Find your business on Yelp.
3. If you cannot find your business on the list, click on Add your business to Yelp.
4. If you do see your business on the list, claim it, and Yelp will call your number to verify.
5. Go to the management page to input your company information.

Once you claim your business, you can add location information for multiple stores/branches (if needed) from the management page. You can also respond to customer reviews. If you are in the travel industry, a similar process exists in sites such as TripAdvisor.

Research online to see what sites you believe your customers may engage in, and claim your business there. The more outlets that publicize your business, the higher chance your website will be found online.
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