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Strategies for Local Marketing Success

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Strategies for Local Marketing...
In your local marketing efforts, there are things you can routinely do on your website and social media to boost your success:

1) Create a hashtag.

You’ve seen these creative phrases that begin with the # sign. Well, you can come up with a unique “tag” for your business and every time you post something or publish a blog, include your hashtag, which then indexes every post you’ve made with that tag. You could combine multiple hashtags as well, and include the location in some to draw in local searchers. For example, our unique tag is #pspinc, and some more general ones we use to bring more traffic are #smallbiz #webhosting and #seattlebusiness. Since hashtags are indexed and often searched, you can test different ones to see if they bring different levels of traffic to your site.

2) Put the location in your content.

If you would like to target a region or an area, make sure you mention location within the content of your website or social media posts. For your website, you might want to consider having a footer that explains you provide service in areas A, B and C. The location names should be nicely laid out within your content.

3) Your URL (web address) can be localized.

If you have a URL (more commonly known as a web address) that contains the name of the location, it is a very powerful tool in search engines. For example, we have a domain name called Because the word “Japanese” is part of our domain name, it comes up on the first page of Google searches when people type in keywords about wanting to learn Japanese. If you have a store in Bellevue, make sure you have a web page with an address like so the word “Bellevue” gets you indexed higher in the search engines for local searches.

4) Get your link in local directories.

There are plenty of search engine optimized sites like BBB, the Yellow Pages, or look into local business associations. By having your name associated on these pages and your website link included on them, your presence in the area you wish to market will be stronger.

5) Consider paid ads.

It may also be beneficial for you to consider investing/experimenting in some pay-per-click (PPC) ads in Google and Facebook. You can really target specific demographics and locations to get exposure in front of more specific groups of consumers.

6) Seek reviews.

Finally, as we’ve mentioned before, make sure you work to get reviews on Google+, Facebook and Yelp!
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