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  • Local Marketing: What NOT to do

Local Marketing: What NOT to do

Local Marketing: What NOT to do
We covered a lot of ground about local marketing and its platforms. In this last blog of the series, let’s talk about some things you should NOT do.

1) You should NOT ignore claiming your business online.

Please do not ignore: you must claim your business on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other media sites if you would like to succeed online. If you do ignore this basic step, it’s very likely you will lose control of your business’ own identity.

2) You should NOT ignore including your service area.

Unless you don’t want to be found by local online searches, you really should mention where you provide your services or where your store is located. Without mentioning it (consistently), you will never be found, or you will lose a lot of sales opportunity to your competition.

3) You should NOT forget to include your address.

Just as we all have an address and telephone number on our business card, we need to have this information online as well. PO boxes are fine, but it’s best to have a street address to appear more credible. In fact, without your physical address listed, people could even assume you’re overseas. Google will index your location along with your ZIP code if it’s listed in your homepage footer, so consider including it there, at the very least.

4) You should NOT forget to include your telephone number.

The phone number is as important as the address. Google can recognize your area code if you put it in your homepage, which helps to localize your business. Even if you have a toll free number, don’t forget to include your local number next to it.

5) You should NOT be inconsistent with your local strategy.

Have a strategy and figure out the location in which you want to be advertised. Use those same location keywords frequently. Use the same address(es). The same hashtags. If you are inconsistent about keywords and locations, and your strategy is all over the place, don’t expect the local marketing return to be what you hoped.
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