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Location, Location, Location is Critical for Local SEO

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Your business name, address, and phone number must be cited consistently and uniformly across all online platforms, including web and social media and directories (such as Yelp). If your address displays differently, Google will not log it nor display your information in the local listings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Even if you’re not a restaurant, you should still check online directories like Yelp, claim your business and make sure your address and phone numbers are consistent. It’s easy to check, just search your business name to see how it is displayed in the SERP. If you have an abbreviation like us, i.e. Pacific Software Publishing, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. and PSPinc, check all of them on search engines. If your business name doesn’t show up in the SERP, you need to start investigating why not. Maybe it's because you never put your address on your website homepage, or Facebook, or Yelp.

Google and other search engines do their best to show the most reliable results, but it all starts with us business owners.

If you put yourself in the consumers’ shoes, would you feel safe purchasing online from a lesser-known or smaller business that doesn’t list their location – even if their website looks great? Personally, I would like to know where the business is located even if I’m getting a great deal on their site. It makes me feel more secure knowing I can contact the company headquarters and it adds legitimacy behind their brand.

So, the moral of the story is your online contact information is important for your local SEO, but also for your business etiquette.
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How to Achieve Local SEO Rank

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This month we’ll once again focus on SEO, but we’ll get more specific to ‘local SEO’ since it’s becoming a much more prominent feature in search engine result pages (SERPs).

As we look ahead to 2018, businesses need to be aware of local SEO as another strong marketing tool when planning for next year’s strategies. If your company has an online presence, you’ll want to make sure to include local SEO into your plans and learn how to be a contender in that space.

You’ve probably noticed when you search Google, you get listings for businesses near you, the brick and mortar locations. You could say Google is the new telephone book. Instead of flipping for phone numbers and addresses, we simply search online for that which interests us, and Google will show us a variety of stores nearby with location and contact information. No longer do I have to memorize the phone numbers for my favorite restaurants, because I can pull it up quickly on my smart phone.

With the convenience of searching online via smart phones, and from our activity on social media sites and even email, Google and other search engines have come to know our search behaviors, interests and location, and therefore try to show us the most relevant information. Often you’ll see local shops and contacts for whatever it is you’re searching for.

On the flipside, if you want your business to be the one showing up in SERPs for local SEO, you have some things to work on.

The formula to achieve a local SEO presence is constantly changing, but there are quite a few important factors for you to know, and we’ll discuss those in detail in December.
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