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What are Display Ads v. Search Ads?

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When it comes to advertising in search engines, you can choose between text ads (sometimes called search ads) and display ads. In a pay-per-click campaign, your text ad is shown in a search results page when someone types in a keyword or phrase you bid on. Next to the paid ads you may notice “Ad” or “Ads” in Yahoo and Google, but they look a lot like the organic search results (i.e. title, URL, and description). Thus, it’s easy to get confused between the paid ads and the organic search results.

Display ads are not the same.

Display ads are graphic images or banners that show up on popular websites that have leased ad space. The display ads will show up for people based on contextual targeting (keywords they’ve searched) or behavioral targeting (websites they’ve browsed).

For example, you have probably seen ads for something similar to what you’ve searched for in the recent past. If you’ve visited websites about cars, you’ve probably seen car-related ads while browsing sites like Facebook or YouTube. If you’ve searched online for "tax advice," don't be surprised if at some point you see a graphic ad pop up for a company like TurboTax or H&R Block.

Another popular form of advertising is called “remarketing.” Remarketing is when you pay to have a display ad appear in front of people who have already been to your website and seen your products or services. If you've recently viewed a product on, you might see a sponsored banner ad for that same product while viewing Instagram or Facebook. These remarketing ads generate quality leads from people who already have interest in your product or service.

People feel comfortable with brands they are familiar with so one way to build that brand awareness is through display ads. You can set your display ads to show over time so your potential customers will be reminded of your company periodically. Having said that, the effectiveness of your ad will largely be based on having a visually appealing graphic that tells the story of your brand. If you want the clicks, make sure your ad is professionally designed with the right messaging to attract your target demographic.
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