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How to Set up your Business Profile on Google

How to Set up your Business ...
Claiming your business in the Google database is probably the most crucial piece of your search engine optimization (SEO). SEO isn’t all about fancy tags and keyword-rich content, that’s just part of it. Claiming your business will help you be listed on Google with correct location information along with some photos and your hours of operation, and it is said this will help your site’s SEO as well.

Here are some of the key steps in claiming your business on Google:

1. Have your Gmail account ready. If you prefer, create a new Gmail account for your business. We advise you to have a separate Gmail account for your business to keep things more organized, by not mixing personal and business information.

2. Go to Google My Business at, click the “Start Now” button, then follow the instructions.

3. You will receive a post card to verify your permanent address from Google so you won’t be able to claim someone else’s business and hijack it. Once you receive the post card, you can follow the instructions to set up your business profile.

With Google My Business, you can set up your:

Business category
Toll-free number
Reviews (and respond to reviews)

Once set up is complete, you’re now in charge of what people find about you on Google search!
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How to Claim your Business Online

How to Claim your Business On...
If your business doesn’t do much with social media or online marketing, you may not even realize reviews are being posted about you without you even knowing. That is not a good situation, especially if those reviews are negative.

Our philosophy is it’s better to be proactive than reactive, therefore, I encourage entrepreneurs to take control of the situation and take control of their online presence. To do this, you have to claim your business online so you become in charge of its virtual presence, including the management of those reviews.

Here are some of the better-known online platforms in which to claim your business:


Google is number 1. You should definitely claim your business on Google. It provides a special tool called Google My Business, making it very simple to claim your business. You submit your claim to your business and wait for a postcard to arrive in the mail so Google can verify your claim. You can manage your map, the search results page photos, and much more.


On Facebook, you can set up a business or organization page. It’s easy to do: open a business or an organization page from the “Create Page” menu. If a page already exists for your business that shouldn’t be live, you can submit a claim to Facebook to take back control of the page.

Although Google and Facebook do cover the majority of networks for your clients, you might also want to consider checking your existence on the following sites:

- Yelp
- TripAdvisor
- Any other local micro sites

Remember, being in control requires you to be proactive, not reactive, so get started searching and claiming your company online!
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Local Marketing Campaign Strategies

Local Marketing Campaign Stra...
Whether you’re investing in a local marketing campaign or a larger-scale campaign, you should always have a strategy in place. Also decide if your campaign will be something permanent or a temporary targeted campaign. For example, you may want a specific campaign for a grand opening or a big sale weekend. If your company hasn’t yet dabbled in local marketing techniques, you might want to consider a test campaign to see if it’s a right fit for your business.

Here are some local marketing campaign ideas:

Offering Coupons / Happy Hour

Get your word out by hiring local coupon mailers, advertising in the local paper, or online at Groupon or Living Social, which cater to local searches. Have a “happy hour” where certain products are discounted if customers come within that timeframe.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram can also display ads to a very specific audience in a targeted location. It’s worth starting with a small budget to test these out if your client demographic is using these platforms.

Hosting / Participating in Events

Whether you are hosting a community event, or sponsoring it, or even just volunteering time and resources to the event, let your community know about your company’s involvement in something they’ll enjoy. If you don’t know how to reach your existing customers, you’d better start tracking them by asking for emails, sending newsletters, and promoting your social media sites so they can follow you online.

Asking for Reviews and Referrals

When you encounter a happy customer, that’s the best time to ask for their review or referral. Reviews can be done online via Yelp, Google+, Facebook, or you can simply ask them to follow you on Twitter or any other social media so their friends will also find out about you. Getting reviews don’t generally happen organically, and typically to get a really good one, you have to ask for it. Which is why you might want to offer something in return for a review. A simple discount for a future purchase, a free drink, or something else to thank those who help you get the word out can go a long way.

Before you choose your campaign, it’s important you define the framework of your campaigns:

- What are you trying to sell?
- What do you consider a success? How do you measure it?
- Do you have a process in place to track your success?
- Who within your neighborhood would you like to reach?
- How do you reach them?
- What is your message?
- What is your budget for this trial?
- How long / how many times would you like the campaign to run?

Basically, defining your 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) before you start your campaign will help you develop a strategy for success.
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Who Can Benefit from Local Marketing Efforts?

Who Can Benefit from Local M...
Just as a Super Bowl ad may not be a good fit for your company, you also need to determine if local marketing is a good fit for your type of company. For example, if your business doesn’t have a physical storefront in the community or neighborhood, it may not be worth your resources to target locally.

Businesses that see the most success with local marketing have storefronts in the community. Small or large, those stores are physically tied to a neighborhood. Even if your business is part of a larger franchise, which provides marketing for the franchise brand, you still want to make sure your store is reputable and well-known in your community via your own marketing efforts.

Businesses like restaurants and retailers, and businesses with a repeat customer base can really benefit from local marketing techniques. Generally, local marketing efforts are great for businesses targeting customers within a 10-mile or 10-minute range, as a rule of thumb. Grocery stores, for example, are prime candidates for employing local marketing methods.

Many of the larger chain and franchise stores tend to forget how important it is to have local neighborhood support. It’s important to “localize” your brand and message along with your product offering. Oftentimes, the customer preferences vary from region to region, and a smart company will adapt their messaging to those needs, in order to serve the local community successfully.

Even some larger companies are trying to adopt local marketing methods, particularly in the online space. When it comes to online local marketing, consider the following questions:

- When you search on Google, does your company show up on the local listing?
- Do you know your local range?
- How many local followers do you have on your social media sites?
- Who are your local competitors?
- How are your reviews on search engines and social media?

Keep those in mind and we will cover some strategies for your local marketing efforts next week.
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Creating a Super Bowl Ad Effect on a Small Business Budget

Creating a Super Bowl Ad Effe...
During the 2016 Super Bowl, CBS charged $5 million for a 30-second commercial spot. That was strictly for air time, not including any production costs to make the ad. To be seen by 100 million people worldwide is very appealing, but most companies don’t have that kind of advertising budget to afford such a remarkable display.

But what if you could create a Super Bowl ad effect closer to home, using your smaller ad budget to create a big impact in your local area? The good news is you can do that fairly easily without spending millions of dollars, and it’s a great way for small businesses to get their brand out in the community. It’s called local store marketing or neighborhood marketing.

Basically, local store marketing is a method that targets consumers right in your neighborhood or community using a variety of advertising techniques. Some of those marketing techniques may include a mixture of online and off-line methods, including buzz marketing where customers spread the word about you and your business. If done right, you could make a big impact where it matters most.

Here are some local marketing methods:

- Direct mails
- Local paper ads
- Inserts / coupons
- Local TV / radio ads
- Search engines
- Social media

Especially when it comes to online media, there are ways to more specifically target the customers you want. But first, you need to understand how things works, and come up with a strategic plan so it works effectively. Stay tuned this month as we dig into some of the online methods for local marketing.
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