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Spring Forward and Stay Alert

Spring Forward and Stay Alert
The good news is the days will get longer. The bad news is we lose an hour of sleep when we adjust our clocks this weekend for daylight saving time. It’s only an hour, so why does it hit some of us so hard? Well, at Sakura Rent A Car at LAX , we’re not the experts on our body’s biology so we don’t have that answer, however, we do offer some good ideas as to what you can do to combat grogginess that may occur in the days following. We’ve been there, done that, just like the rest of you, so we’ve compiled a list between our staff to give you some ideas to consider for the coming week.

Try not to nap. You may be extra tired next week but napping will only throw off your sleep schedule. Work thru the tiredness so you can climb into bed and hopefully get a full, good night’s rest.

Eat a healthy breakfast that includes carbohydrates, lean protein and fiber. Don’t skip breakfast, it really is the gas that gives you the go for the rest of the day. Without that proper fuel, you may struggle to stay awake.

Drink a glass of water before starting your day. You probably have a cup of coffee, so do we. But do you get enough water before you leave your home?

Exercise on most days. Get your heart pumping and your energy will skyrocket. It’s hard to get the motivation to start some days, but if you do even a small workout, you’ll thank yourself later.

Let natural light into your home. When you get up, soak in the sunshine. The natural light gives us a natural burst of energy.

Stop hitting snooze. Don’t train your body to sleep thru snooze, train your body to wake up when you hear that first alarm and over time it should be easier to jump out of bed.

Change your alarm to happy songs. If you wake up to music, why not wake up to a playlist or station of songs you know will lift your mood?

Take a morning shower. Get an energizing body wash and shower in the morning to help wake you up and put a little pep in your step.

Don’t watch TV before bed. It’s said the bright light of the screen can affect your sleep quality, so try turning it off an hour before bedtime. Read a book or play some relaxing music.

However you cope with the spring forward, we sure hope you have plans to get out and around the Los Angeles area to experience that extra daylight! If you need an LAX rental car to get to your destination, we can put you in one that is clean, reliable and price-competitive. Call us at Sakura today!
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