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Road Trip to San Francisco!

Road Trip to San Francisco!
Road trip to San Francisco!

There are many of you wanting to drive as far as you can when you rent a car and traveling in the US.

With Sakura Rent a Car, you can drive in California, Arizona and Nevada

So you can reach many sightseeing places that are pretty far away.

On this blog post, I will introduce you San Francisco where a lot of our customers visit!

San Francisco is located in the northern California and

It is about 6-8 hours drive from Los Angeles.

There are multiple routes to drive to San Francisco,

But the most popular route is to take the Interstate 5 North all the way which even extends to Canada.

It would be fun to swing by the small but lovely shops and towns on the way to San Francisco

when you fill gas, so you should!

If you take the Interstate 5 freeway, you will cross the famous Bay Bridge

It’s a toll road

so prepare cash. (The price varies by time of the day )

After driving all the way half day, you will finally arrived to San Francisco.

A completely different scenery than what you see in Los Angeles is waiting for you when you enter in San Fransisco.

There are old houses which stand in a line, steep hills like a roller coaster and the streets that are designed in grids in the city.

You will be fascinated by the scenery that you would not believe it’s the same California.

There are a lot of sightseeing places in San Francisco,

We recommend you to take public transportation if you are hanging out in downtown because of heavy traffic.

But of course, it’s absolutely convenient to take a car with you to see around the outside of Down Town such as Golden Gate Bridge.

You should switch what kind of transportation you are using depending on the places you are going.

It is very common to street-park in San Fransisco like you do in Los Angeles.

You should not leave any valuable belongings in the car.

There are a lot of car break-ins in San Francisco.

If there are valuable goods in the car, it can be stolen even during day time.

If you are worried about street parking, I recommend you to use a public parking.

However, it’s not 100% safe, so you should take your stuffs as well.

But if you are careful enough about your personal belongings, you can enjoy a different type of fun than Los Angeles.

If your time allows, why not travel to San Francisco with Sakura Rent A Car?
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