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Wade Cleveland Cooper

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December 7, 1960 – June 15, 2018

Wade Cleveland Cooper passed away at Valley Hospital at the age of 57 of a heart attack. He is survived by his mother, Elizabeth Cooper of Renton, sisters, Diane Cooper of Renton, Rose Cooper Ridlon of Kent, and Patti Cooper Amundson of Seattle. He also leaves behind 6 nieces and nephews and one great-niece.  He graduated from Kentridge High School and worked for several firms in the area.

The family will hold a private service. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the National Alliance for Mental Illness at or by check to
NAMI Seattle
802 NW 70th St
Seattle, WA 98117-5135

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Thomas William Hamilton Jr.

Thomas William Hamilton Jr.

In Loving Memory

Thomas William Hamilton Jr. was born to this world on August 6, 1958. He passed away after a long and courageous battle against his illness. He defied doctors who twice told him he had less than 6 months to live. He said, “I’ll go when I’m ready”, and more than four years later, on June 19, 2018, he was finally ready.

Born in Reno, Nevada, Tom spent most of his life in Washington State.

Tommy’s life was a hard one. He struggled with alcohol abuse his entire life as he attempted to dull the pain caused by a violent and abusive childhood. Family and friends were important to him. He did his best to care for his young son when they were both left on their own and acknowledges it wasn’t good enough, but he did what he could with what he knew. He was stubborn, courageous, and while externally gruff, he had a huge, loving and generous spirit.

Tommy’s sense of humor remained intact to the end of his life, even while in extreme pain. He loved the outdoors and even when he could barely stand, he continued to make his way to sit outside in the fresh air. Tommy had nothing materially of value yet he would give someone the shirt from his own back if they needed it. He took after his own mother that way and at long last, he goes to meet her again. They were very close and it will be a joyous reunion in eternity.

Tommy is survived by his son, TJ Hamilton of Spokane, WA; his younger sister, Cheryl Hamilton of Seattle, WA; his older sister, Norma Johnson of Enumclaw, WA; his older brother, Jimmy Kellerher of Loxahatchee, FL; several nieces, nephews, and grandchildren as well as his long-time partner, Lena Laban, who stayed by his side as he took his final breath.

Happily, Tommy accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior before he passed and will be resting with no more struggles, hardships, or pain, until the Lord returns.

Rest in peace Tommy Hamilton. Know your life was not in vain. Many lessons have been learned from you and your struggles. You will be greatly missed by many.

The family invites comments or remarks in remembrance of Tommy. A memorial service is planned and details will be provided by invitation.

Donations in direct support of the homeless population made in Tommy’s name may be made to the non-profit: Facing Homelessness.

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Eleanor Theresa Ruzicka

Eleanor (Lindeken) Ruzicka was born on November 4, 1929 and passed on March 15, 2018 in Lakewood Washington at the home of her Son Don and Daughter –in- Law Loralee who served as her primary caregiver for the last 3 and a half years. Eleanor is survived by her children Don in Lakewood, Marie in Seattle, James in Cincinnati and Nancy DeLaRosa in Walla Walla as well as 8 Grandchildren and 9 Great Grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

Grandchildren include: Jason Ruzicka, Andy DeLaRosa, Melissa Dofelmier, Erin Hilton, Michael Ruzicka, Karen Ruzicka, Emilie DeLaRosa, Matthew DeLaRosa, Lucas DeLaRosa

Eleanor Lindeken, was born on November 4, 1929 in Glen Cullen (now part of Tigard) Oregon. Their family joke was that her birth caused the Great Depression.

Soon after Eleanor was born, her parents Conrad and Marie moved Eleanor and her older brother Walter up the Columbia River to Kalama Washington following a job available on the docks there. They lived on the flats, in a small shack. Mom talked later about the men walking up the railroad tracks looking for work. Her mother did laundry and sewing for the rich women in town.

In 1932, Conrad was crushed in an accident between shipping crates. He was sent to the hospital in Longview and put in a full body cast. He was not expected to walk again.

For 6 long months, once a week Marie and the children would take the bus to the hospital to visit her dad...this left a lasting impression on all of them.

When Conrad was able to go home, he worked hard to walk again, and was successful!

Conrad finally received a cash settlement for the accident, and they were able to put a down payment on a house up the hill in Kalama.

12 year old Eleanor was visiting the Portland zoo with family on the morning of December 7, 1941 when she learned about Pearl Harbor.

During the war, Kalama became a port that had many sailors drop in at to party. Eleanor’s parents decided that they did not want their teenage daughter in town at that time, so in 1943 they sent her to a Catholic boarding school.

Eleanor did well at St Mary’s outside of Toledo Washington under the tutelage of the nuns there. She was active in basketball and drama, and was the Senior Class President. She graduated in 1947.

When she went back home to Kalama, Eleanor went to work at the Phone Company in Longview as a switch board operator.

At age 21, she decided to move to Portland as a single woman ala Mary Tyler Moore and got a job doing newspaper ad development for a jewelry store there. She lived in a room above the store.

In 1952, Eleanor took a federal government employment test, and was soon contacted by the Veterans Hospital in Walla Walla to come to work there as a switch board operator. She moved there in November of that year and lived in an apartment house on Catherine Street. She did not own a car, and would often walk to work. Her neighbors included Doctor Bradford who became our family dentist and Gerry Lyons who became a life-long friend. A couple of years later, she moved into a small house across the street from the apartment house.

Eleanor was active here at St Patrick’s. She was a member of Catholic Daughters and a Singles group called the Dominic Club. One of the fellow members of the club was Louis Ruzicka. They officially met running a booth together at a church bazaar.

They were married in Kalama on November 15, 1958. They spent their Honeymoon in Europe for 3 months!!! They then settled into their house on the family farm.

Don born 9 months later, and Marie, James and Nancy were all born within the next 4 years. So Eleanor at one time had 4 toddlers and later 4 teenagers!

Mom felt the purpose of her life was to raise her children and make our lives better- on that she exceeded her goals. We participated in music, drama and sports and went to Catholic school.

During the last 3 ½ years of her life, Mom moved in with Don and Loralee in Lakewood. We were blessed to be with her in our home when she took her last breath.

Louis died in 2010. They were married for nearly 52 years.

There will be a Celebration of Eleanor's Life at the Saint Patrick’s Blanchet Hall on Saturday June 30 at 11:00.

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Marlaina Lieberg

Marlaina Lieberg
Marlaina Lieberg 1949 – 2018
Donna Veno Age 69

Marlaina Lieberg, beloved wife, sister and friend passed away in the early hours of May 11, 2018. She was born on October 2nd, 1949 in Boston and travelled around the country before retiring to Burien, WA with her husband and soul mate, Gary Lieberg. Marlaina leaves behind husband Gary Lieberg, brother Joseph Veno and sister, Sandy Smith.

Marlaina was born premature and blind, she was not expected to live but persevered in making an impact on everyone she met and far beyond. Raised by a mother who believed in Marlaina’s capacity to do anything a sighted child could do, she attended public schools, rode bicycles, tap danced and went to summer camp to ride horses.

At age 14, Marlaina became the youngest person at that time to obtain a Guide Dog. Hubert Humphry helped outfit her with clothes for the training and they remained friends until his passing in 1978. Marlaina has been a Guide Dog user for 60+ years and has had 9 dogs. In junior high school, Marlaina was told she was not allowed to participate in gym class, after writing an impassioned letter to President Kennedy, the school was directed not to discriminate because of her blindness and she went to gym class.

These experiences ignited a fiery passion in Marlaina and as a young adult, Marlaina became a fierce advocate and champion for rights for the disabled. Fighting for the rights of disabled people became her lifelong mission, one which she embraced and excelled at beyond what anyone could have expected.

Marlaina held many jobs over the years including contract work with the National Parks Service and the National Forest Service, and also owned her own company.

Marlaina was instrumental in the passing of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), testifying before the House and Senate to ensure all people with all disabilities were included in the laws. Marlaina lobbied congress every year with the American Council of the Blind (ACB) to continue awareness and improve laws. In 2008 as the secretary of the ACB she represented the organization at the World Blind Union Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Marlaina was a force to be reckoned with, she worked tirelessly to educate and improve the lives of all people with disabilities and discriminated against none. She is widely known and renowned in the blind and disabled communities as a fearless fighter and true champion.

Gary and Marlaina met, fell in love and married in Alexandria, Virginia in 1997. In 2012 they moved to the Seattle area where Marlaina continued her work at a record pace.
From working with Wells Fargo to create accessible ATMs, Albertson’s to create an accessible website for online grocery ordering, Starbucks in creating Braille gift cards, Trader Joe’s for accessible pinpads, Apple to improve their voice over to consulting with Microsoft and the Accessibility Team instructing them on what to focus on when creating accessible software. These are just a few examples.

Perhaps one of her most noted and accomplishments, one that would become key in helping her manage her life in the last years, is the advocacy work she and partner Sue Ammeter did to create accessible pill bottles so she could remain independent in dispensing the medications she needed.

Marlaina was active in too many organizations to list, from the Lion’s Club to becoming an honored member of UW Delta Gamma Fraternity, she always found time for important causes. Marlaina obtained her HAM Radio License and Gary built a radio station studio in their house, she had her own channel on ACB and every Sunday night would discuss issues important to the blind community and interview others. For 10 years Marlaina and her audience enjoyed such interviews with great people like Ronnie Milsap, Dave Neihaus and Erik Weihenmayer – the first blind man to climb Everest.

Marlaina flew a plane, she drove a car, she hiked on trails, she took subways, went to her beloved Mariner’s games, attended inaugurations, concerts, sang on stage with Stevie Wonder, Marlaina loved to sing! She spoke to thousands, she spoke to one. She loved sitting in the sun sipping wine and telling stories, Marlaina loved dressing up and has a huge shoe collection. Marlaina was as classy as they come inside and out.

In 2012 Gary and Marlaina moved to Burien Town Square. This vibrant community embraced them both and gave Marlaina the independence she had been craving her entire adult life, petitioning the city to install accessible cross walks and wheel chair friendly sidewalks, Marlaina was now finally free to walk to any restaurant, nail salon or pet store when she pleased. The entire community recognized Marlaina and her Guide Dog, she was somewhat of a local celebrity and greeted everyone with a hug and smile, she never forgot a voice and would shock people by remembering their names.

She educated everyone she met on the importance of her Guide Dog to her independence. She taught so many so much, her love and light was bright and fierce until the last days. Marlaina leaves behind a huge amount of friends who feel the loss of her presence daily.

A Memorial Service for Marlaina will be held Tuesday May 15th at St. Francis of Assisi in Burien at 11AM. 15226 21st Ave SW Burien, WA 98166

In lieu of flowers we request donations be made in Marlaina's name to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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Kim Preston Duke

Kim Preston Duke

Kim Preston Duke passed away peacefully on April 16th in his home with his wife and lifelong best friend, Janet, by his side.

He was born at Maynard Hospital in Seattle, Washington on April 11th, 1954 to the late Ray & Carolyn Duke. He grew up in the then small town of Burien where Kim went to the local schools; Sunnydale, Gregory Heights, Highline High until he moved to Bothell to live with his father, Ray Duke, where he graduated in the class of 1972. After high school, Kim joined the military in the 101st Airborne in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He served his term and was honorably discharged in 1974.

Kim’s parents, Carolyn and Ray separated when the boys were very young but she remarried a police man, Sandy Smith, who was not only a hero to the community he served but to his biggest fans, his two step sons, Kim & Dale.

On October 22, 1985, Kim and his first wife, Roxann, had a son, Jordan George Duke, whom was his absolute pride and joy. Everything he did, day and night was for his son and his future. He loved watching Jordan play sports, especially soccer and grow into the man he is today. Later in life they found entertainment together doing what Kim did best, building and fixing things. Kim & Jordan always had a project going and Kim treasured that time immensely.

Kim & Janet were married at his brother Dale’s house with the kids as the bridal party on November 22, 1997 and they couldn’t have been happier. Shortly after their marriage, they bought their first home in Kent, WA where he lived out the rest of his life with his newly expanded family. With their three kids combined; Jordan, Lindsay & Lauren, they enjoyed camping at Bull Frog, Blue Lake, Backyard Crab Boils, Junebug Parties (Ray’s yearly birthday celebration) at Duke Mountain, Fishing trips with Ray, his wife Dorothy & Jordan, visiting Carolyn & Sandy in Lake Limerick and any reason to be around family and have a party.

Kim was a carpenter. Any and all things building/constructing, he was good at it. He spent the majority of his career, 25 years, working for McBride construction until he retired in 2008. Kim loved sports, as a young kid he played baseball and word was he was pretty good. But more than playing he loved watching Seahawks!, Golf, Baseball, Soccer and most of all he loved NASCAR.

The most recent chapter of his life was his most valued. He and Janet had started traveling more and tried to visit their favorite places like Ocean Shores, Hawaii & Mexico yearly or more if possible. He became a grandfather or as they called him, ‘Pop Pop’ to three, grandchildren in the year of 2014 and a fourth in 2017.

Kim is survived by his wife, Janet Duke, Son, Jordan Duke, Daughter-in-law Carly Duke, Daughter, Lauren Dunham, Son-in-law Brock Dunham, Daughter, Lindsay Gustafson, Grandchildren, Lillian Duke, Willa Duke, Evelyn Taylor and Ryker Dunham and his four-legged son, Chewbacca aka Chewy Dog.
In short, even though he was only 64 when he left this world, he left a mark that will last forever on our hearts. He lived a life full of laughter, love and all around good times and we were so happy to share it with him. May he rest in peace. Until we meet again.

A Celebration of Life will be held for Kim on

5/19/2018 at 2pm
Des Moines Yacht Club
22737 Marine View Dr S, Des Moines, WA 98198

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Richard Rupnick

Richard Rupnick of Renton, WA, born July 1st 1956 to Edward and Marion Rupnick, lost his well fought battle with cancer of the liver and lungs on April 18th 2018 at 1:15am at Valley Medical Center surrounded by his wife, Roxanne Rupnick and four daughters, Katie Krier, Karlie, Emilie and Abbie Rupnick.

Rick was a loving father, devoted husband and beloved son and sibling to his sister, Barbara Madsen and three brothers, John, Charlie and Paul Rupnick. He worked as an engineer for over 30 years and was proud to provide for his family by helping to build Boeing airplanes which keep us safe while flying.

Rick adored his daughters and was happiest around his family, but most of all while playing with his grandchildren, Kennedy, Alexis, Anthony, Grace, Joseph, Vincent and Michael. He could often be found soaking up the sun while relaxing on a lounge chair, out at the golf course, or barbecuing in the backyard.

Rick was most at peace in his garden where he spent many nights with the watering hose under a warm moonlit sky to the sweet sound of summer time. His bright fuchsias and sun-kissed tomatoes were a breathtaking example of his connection with nature.

The many family and friends Rick left behind will be holding an open service in his honor on:

Saturday, May12th 2018 at 11:30 am at

Northwest Church
34800 21st AVE SW
Federal Way, WA 98023

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Allen Ervin Johnson

Allen Ervin Johnson Allen Ervin Johnson

Allen passed away after a long, hard-fought battle with cancer on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 in Seattle, WA.

He was born to Emma Edith and Fred Emery Johnson on January 29, 1941 in Sandpoint, Idaho. He was raised in and attended Pasco schools and received his BA and teaching credentials at Trinity University, Texas. Allen spent many years in California and lived the past seven years in Issaquah, WA. He was a much decorated Air Force pilot in Vietnam, including receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster. He was a high school math teacher and author. He also enjoyed 55 years of competing and teaching Judo and had earned the title of Master Judo Sensei, obtaining the 6th degree Black Belt. Allen’s years in the service took him to many ports, including Vietnam, Germany, Turkey and Japan. His Judo competitions won him medals all over the world. During his time in Issaquah, he developed lifetime friendships with many of his fellow Judoists at their Emerald City Dojo in Redmond and during their many local and National tournaments. Those friendships were evident in the help and attention given to Allen steadfastly during these past few years and especially these past few months and weeks.

Allen was preceded in death by his parents, his daughter Tebbie, his granddaughter Noelle, his sister, Lillian, and sister-in-law Sue Johnson. He is survived by his loving wife, Georgia, his devoted brother Floyd, his children: daughters Pepper and Chelsea (husband Geoff) and son Rayne (wife Maggie) all of California, and his treasured five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his favorite niece Barbara Nelson of Florida and nephew Buddy Johnson of Kennewick.

A private family service will follow at a later date.

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Anna Patrick

Anna Patrick

In Loving Memory of Anna Patricia (Mazar) Patrick (1931-2018)

Anna Patricia (Mazar) Patrick of Renton, WA passed peacefully in her sleep on the morning of Saturday, March 31, 2018 at the age of 87, joining her dear, late husband John Stephen (Petrikas) Patrick (1929-1989) and our Lord in Heaven.

Anna was born to mother Anna (Lacina), daughter of Anna (Forgash) Miscavage and Antonin Lacina, and father Stephen Mazar, son of Julianna (Géczi) Kozma and József Mészarós, in West Wyoming, PA on March 19, 1931.

As a child Anna enjoyed figure skating and spending time with her best friend and cousin, Joan Lacina, her mother, and her maternal grandmother. Anna graduated from West Wyoming High School, class of 1949, where she was involved in many volunteer and social committees, completed the American Red Cross’s home nurse training program and was captain of the cheerleading squad.

Anna and her husband, John Patrick, of the same town began dating when she was in high school – they were a true love story. Together they enjoyed attending local dances and sporting events, taking walks, and having long conversations together. They were joined in holy matrimony on July 30, 1949 at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Wyoming, PA. Anna was a dedicated Catholic who received inspiration and guidance from her faith.

Anna and John moved with their five children throughout Washington state, Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Missouri for John’s job as engineering manager in the Boeing Company, before settling permanently in Renton, WA in 1980. She and her family loved attending the theater and spending time in nature. Her children relished her delicious home baking and cooking. To strangers and friends, Anna was a charming and kind-hearted lady; to her family, she was a loving and devoted wife and mother.

Throughout her adult life Anna enjoyed her travels to the Rocky Mountain regions of Montana and Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, throughout Europe, and home to West Wyoming, PA to visit family. She was passionate about Northwest Coast and Plains Indian arts and culture, reading, and fashion. Anna employed her skills as an expert seamstress at White Stag and Eddie Bauer. She often delighted her children and grandchildren by creating beautiful ensembles for them.

Anna was a wonderfully supportive wife, mother, and grandmother who attended countless sporting events, performances, and ceremonies in which her husband, children, and grandchildren participated. She frequently united her family with joyous get-togethers at her home. Anna instilled in her descendants the values of family, kindness, courage, education, and hard work. She was insightful and caring, and always made time to listen, laugh and share wisdom and heartfelt encouragement. Anna will be dearly remembered for her never-ending love for her family.

Anna was preceded in death by her parents, brothers, Thomas and Stephen Mazar, daughter, Naomi Patrick, and husband, John Patrick. She is survived by her five children – Michael Patrick of Renton, WA, Julia (Danny) Dunphy and Denise (David) Brumbaugh of Kent, WA, Heather Patrick (Steve Berg) of Mazama, WA; seven grandchildren – Stassja (Atle) Øderud, Elizabeth (Nathan) Beach, Danica (Gharett) Meng, Steven Brumbaugh, Katharine (Ian) Shioyama, Matthew Brumbaugh, and John Dunphy; and great-granddaughter, Adrina Øderud.

Cady Funeral Services will coordinate arrangements. The family will hold a committal service followed by interment, at Hillcrest Burial Park in Kent, WA at 2PM Monday, April 23. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, in memory of John and Anna Patrick.

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Erin Elizabeth Mann

Erin Elizabeth Mann


Erin was born to Joy & Don Andrews on March 27, 1969 in Sacramento, CA.
She passed away on April 2, 2018 in Maple Valley, WA.

Erin is survived by her daughter, Frankie Lee, her mother, Joy Andrews Norris, her step-father Harry Norris, her sister, Tracey Sprague, her niece, Chloe Sprague and the members of the Mann family.

Erin was a graduate of Oakridge High School in El Dorado Hills, CA and San Diego State University.

Next to her love and devotion to her beautiful daughter, Frankie, she adored her friends, horses, the ocean and surfing anywhere, especially Hawaii, cooking, hiking in beautiful places, and sunflowers.

She was the best friend a person could have, as evidenced by the love she gave and received from them. She left her beautiful spirit with all who knew her.

She will be sorely missed and remembered always.

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William "Carey" Eagan

William Carey Eagan was born on May 8, 1945. Went by "Carey" and was a lifelong resident Renton, Washington. He had many friends, a sister and niece and nephew. He was a member of the Army National Guard.

He liked antique things and was a collector of guns, cars, trains and lanterns, as well as anything with an interesting history behind it. He enjoyed reading, road trips to Arizona and the company of his friends.

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