Where I am going?

It looked like I was going to fly over North Korea.
Actually I flew passed north of North Korea
For awhile the map was showing that I will be flying right over North Korea.
That did not site good with me.

But the route we took was flying over the north of North Korea and came back to Incheon South Korea. Interesting route. I winder why we did not fly I over Japan like we usually do.

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If someone tell you this is either men's or woman's ... How do you know?
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A trip to Japan with me.

I have many people asking me to take them to Japan. I will seriously considering to put together a trip to Japan next year. If you are interested, please let m e know.
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ARCO gasoline is one of the least expensive gas brands ... except Kirkland Gas at Costco. But I cannot always get to Costco. So I decided to fill up with ARCO but I know ARCO gas does not contain any engine cleaning (I do not know if we need one). So, I decided to purchase STP gas treatment for $2.99 (plus tax) to put it in.

Even with this extra, it is cheaper than buying gas at Chevron, Shell or Texaco.

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Helloween Lunch at PSPinc

The last Friday of November is our annual Helloween Lunch with Mexican Food Truck.
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Kiroboto Deals

I have found few things that worth mentioning and posted at Kiroboto.
Please take a kook.


You can post your service on the Kiroboto for free.
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Can your company use a Feedback Program?

We have build a feedback program.
You can use this program to gather customer feedback.
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Seattle Executives Association

Today was our Classification Talk ... We explained about various web development projects we have done.
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New on Kiroboto

Here are some of the deals I found.
Please check it out.

If you are ready to post your company on Kiroboto, just visit https://kiroboto.com/users/signup-step1

It is very simple and does not cos anything.
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Check Out Today's Top Deals

This is today's top deals!!!

You can advertise your sale on Kiroboto for free. Yo can link your Amazon, Rakuten and eBay sale items at Kiroboto.
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Creating a Functional Website

If you have a web, make it catch something!!!
What does your website do for you?
Have you ever thought about using web for your business?
Do you know what your web can do?
If you would like to know what you can do with your website, please contact me.
Or if you have a wish, tell me about it.
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Seeing message to Pompom in Heaven

This is how I communicate to Pompom.
This site may not do anything abut it does a lot to me.
I will not cost you ... I don't even know you used it.

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Bloguru Update

Bloguru is a free service of PSP ... It has no advertisement!!!
We have done hardware upgrade to Bloguru ... It started run very busy in last few days and we needed immediately to increase the CPU power. This was an emergency maintenance ... It took longer than we expected. We are very sorry for your inconvenience,

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Difference Between Refurbished Computer and Used Computer?

If the refurbished computers are from resellers, stay away.
Refurbished ...

The computer that is shipped by the manufacturer but returned after it is being used for some reason ... may be defective or returned. The manufacturers cannot sell it as new any more ... so they call them Refurbished (after they fix the problem) and sell them to you at cheaper price. They usually carry manufacturer's warranty and can extend the warranty with fee.

Use ...

It is a used computer. Some companies buys them and make sure they run and sell them. They should be called USED but often they are labeled as Refurbished. It may have very short warranty by the seller and cannot purchase any exploded warranty at least not from the manufacturers.

My recommendation ... Manufacturers Refurbished computer are great. I recommend you buy them. Companies like Apple and Dell have great deals on their refurbished computers. Do not buy Refurbished computers from any resellers as they were (1) Used (lease return).

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Is your website secured?

Have you ever seen the sign above right next the website URL (address) on your browser?
It tells user that your website does not have security certified. You need to purchase what is called SSL to make your site secured.
Soon, if your site is not secured, you will not even be listed by Google.
If your website has no SSL, please contact us. We can get you the SSL certificate.

contact < a href="mailto:info@pspinc.com">info@pspinc.com
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Look what I found today.

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I found this ... I am thinking about buying it.

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Safeway is Closing at Factoria / Bellevue

Safeway near my house is closing. The owner(s) of Factoria Mall decided to build large apartment complex with stores o the first floor. It might have been a great idea two years ago. But I think it might be little too late. By the time it is built, I don't think market is that hot any more.

Safeway is having a sale right now.

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Good Foods from Japan

I am traveling to Japan from the end of this month for two weeks. I am looking forward to having some good food there. I really like ramen noodles. This is one the ramen I had when I was in Japan.

This is Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto. This is 930 Ten or $8.50 (Tax Included, No Tipping in Japan). Why can't we get something like this good in the US for this price?

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Send Message to Ones You Love in Heaven

I draw at least one image of Pompom everyday.
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Make Up Not Needed

Look what I found ... You don't need to do your make up for video conferencing any more.

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Kiroboto Free Sign Up

Sign up is very easy with Kiroboto and it is free.

With Kiroboto account, you can advertise your company, products, service and sale. Even when the sale is going on at other sites such as Amazon and eBay.
Advertisement is free.

Please sign up using following link.
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Today's Kiroboto Deals

Here are the tings I found today.
Please let me know any other deals you find on the Internet.

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Tag Line

This is Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.'s Tag Line

Building Software Technology to Help Your Business Online!!!
Tag Line is a catchphrase or slogan, especially as used in advertising, or the punchline of a joke. What is your Tag Line???
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You just want to advertise ... Fine, You can do that!

If you do not want Kiroboto to sell it for you, you can use Kiroboto to advertise. There is no cost. Consider it as one more way to expose your company and products.

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Kiroboto Deals

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Kiroboto Deals

Check out some of the great deal at Kiroboto.

Are you interested in selling online at kiroboto?
We will take care of billing, collection for you at very low introductory cost of 5%.

Here is how it works.

(1) You post a product at Kiroboto.
(2) People buys ... We collect money.
(3) You send product and customer receives it.
(4) We will send you money less 5%.

That is it.
If you are interested, please let us know.

If cause you can use Kiroboto to promote your company, products ... even your Amazon and eBay sales site link for free.

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I wish there is not need for the day like this.

If everyone is equal and not afraid of being something, there is no day like this needed. But as long as there is a day like this, I guess there is a need for education to change people's mind.

People do not like change and you cannot force people to change. That only creates conflict. So, it is important to protect the people chasing as well as people not changing. Both side of people are people, and people need to be respected.

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There is a bulletin board in Heaven.

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Free Sign Up and Free to Use

When you post your business, you will be posted without wait.
There in no cost or obligation.
Sign up to Kiroboto for free and start promoting your business for free.
There is no obligation what so ever.

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Traveling to Japan

I have a trip to japan coming up at the end of this month. I have few schedules meetings abut I still have some time open. If you would like to meet in Japan, please let me know ASAP.
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Unique Selling Proposition ... USP

If you are selling exactly the same product as others, you can only differentiate yourself from the other in

(1) Price (Product, Shipping, Warranty ...)
(2) Service (Reputation or Relationship)
(3) Location (Convenience)

So long as you can differentiate yourself from the other in positive way, you can still create USP. But it will be easier if you have a product that is unique to your company even if it is based on the perception only.
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Now the designs are complete !!!

Now I have Pompom, Tiny and Nano illustration.
No, I did not draw those.
We have a very talented designer.
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