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Car Tab for My Subaru

Car Tab for My Subaru
I just renew my Subaru license tab.
It will be my fourth year deriving this car.
My car is 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring.

I test drive the 2020 Subaru Outback XT Touring last weekend and decid3ed to keep current car.

First of all, 2017 has non-turbo 3.6 litter Horizontal 6 cylinder engine. It is a big engine for Outback but it is smooth and quiet. The new one comes with 2.4 litter turbo-charged H4 engine. Which produces little better HP and more torque but is is not s smooth. Unfortunately Subaru does not produce any more H6 engine with I love.

New car has lane-centering capability but it is not as good as I thought. I will not use that feature at this point as it is not as secure. One feature I like on 2020 is that it has an Apple CarPlay. I would really love to have that feature. But I will not buy a new car just for that.

The amazing thing is that this is the very first new car I decided t keep over 36 months. It should tell you how good Subaru is.

By the way, I thought we passed the $30 car tab initiative ... when it it going to be effective. Stupid judge always try to stop the will of people.
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Three New Drawings

Tiny Tiny Pompom and Tiny Pompom and Tiny Pompom Pompom
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