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What is your focus?

Oh I added this picture to mak... Oh I added this picture to make it cute.
Original email did not even have a picture.
I received an email saying they can provide;

1. Lead Generation
2. Appointment Setting
3. Virtual Assistant
4. Data Profiling
5. Call to invite
6. Data Entry
7. Data Encoding
8. Research
9. Telemarketing
10. Medical Coding
11. Customer's Service
12. Email Marketing
13. Social Media Marketing
14. Chat Support
15. Online Processing

So, what I am reading is that they are not good at anything but will be happy to do any work you have. So please contact me.

Did I get this right?
#pspinc #valueproposition #uchikuraco #marketing #onlinesales #kiroboto #webdevelopment

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