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We should have this in the US

I saw this in th Taiwan and w... I saw this in th Taiwan and wondered what they are. It says GOGORO It says GOGORO
GOGORO is an electric scooter with replaceable batteries.
What a great idea. Why don't we have this in the US?
#Gogoro #ElectricScooter #Taiwan

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Anime as Protest

Anime as Protest
Most Japanese anime have same messages.

(1) Young (really young) people are good / innocent and weak
(2) Bad guys are old.
(3) Hiro was awaken / grown
(4) Society was opressed
(5) There is love somewhere

What is that mean?
Well, Japanese people are very quiet and weak.
Government is, well, very socialistic.
People are waiting for a hero.

This is Japan.

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