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If you are President, what would you have done?

If you are President, what wou...
I think regardless of the outcome, world leaders are doing their best. It is not the time to criticize the leaders. Let them do their jobs. We can blame on the later.

Don't forget, we are intros together.
#Coronavirus #COVID19 #pacificsoftwarepublishing #pspinc #KenUchikura

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How serious is the Coronavirus?

How serious is the Coronavir...
This site shows the latest world update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Remember over 150,000 people die from various causes in the world every day. Over 22,000 people die (many are children) die from hunger everyday. Over 35,000,000 people dies from HIV/AIDS. We have less than 7,000 deaths from COVID-19 as of today.

#Coronavirus #COVID19 #pacificsoftwarepublishing #pspinc #KenUchikura

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