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Please Protest ... Do not Riot!!!

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Source Seattle PI https://www... Source Seattle PI
When you see the protest escalating (trueing into) rioting in Seattle, Bellevue and many other cities in the US. This is all started when black person was killed by white police officer.

I an=m so mad about the action of tis police officer who wears police badge and armed with gun. People around him has no chance of helping the man being own down. If people pushed officer, this man may have lived but the people helped him wil be charged with "obstruction of justice" and may be shot. The judgement must be murder and other three officers were the only people who could have stopped but they did not. They must be charged as well.

As far as protect, I do not like it but it must be allowed. Bit rioting, that got to stop. Stupid act of the murderer does not allow anyone the right to riot and step. I am sadden about the fact riot must happen. Thee businesses which are being broken into have people working there. They have no root to do what they have done. They should be charged and booked. If there is any organization behind the rioting, consider them as a terrorist organizations.

One note. We are not against protesting. Protesters must be angry against rioters. People can totally stand behind protesters but not behind rioters. Look at Hing King, we are for people in Honk Kong, aren't we? It is same here, as long as protester are protesting I am 100% behind you. But as soon as people starting to break into businesses, those people are no protestors, you are just theirs and arsons.

Please respect the property of others if you want the respect from the public.


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