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Buy all Brands of Sorafenib 200 mg Tablets at Affordable Price | Generic & Branded Cancer Medicine

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Sorafenib for Liver cancer as well as Thyroid and Kidney Cancer

Primary liver cancer, or primary Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), is the 13th most common cancer and the ninth leading cause of death in the developed markets of North America and Western Europe. However, in the underdeveloped regions, such as East and South-East Asia, it is the third most common tumour and the second leading cause of death.

But in the past several decade, liver cancer management has received a boost with the emergence of a few novel agents, most notably SORAFENIB. Sorafenib is a multikinase inhibitor, already approved as first line (i.e., the first type of therapy used) in advanced Hepatocellular carcinoma, which decreases both angiogenesis and tumour cell proliferation, blocking tumour growth. Well-tolerated and easy to administer as a twice-daily pill, sorafenib tosylate is the first agent shown to demonstrate a statistically significant improvement in overall survival for patients with advanced HCC.

Sorafenib is also being evaluated in clinical trials by its developers, international study groups, government agencies and / or individual investigators as a single agent or combination treatment in KIDNEY cancer (renal cell carcinoma) and THYROID cancer.

In cancer cells, chemicals called “tyrosine kinases” can promote the cancer’s spread. Sorafenib is a “tyrosine kinase inhibitor” that interferes with protein kinases’ ability to help liver, thyroid and kidney cancers grow.

The growing demand for this cancer product, which is "good enough," has pushed pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop more brands of Sorafenib to help more patients in the fight against these deadly diseases.

List of Most Popular and Best-Selling Sorafenib Medicine Brands in the World

1. Soranib 200 mg by Cipla Ltd.

120 Tablets (in one Pack)

2. Sorafenat 200 mg by Natco Pharma Ltd.

120 Tablets (in one Pack)

3. Nexavar 200 mg by Bayer Pharma Ltd.

60 Tablets (in one Pack)

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