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  • E&E Foods Pays it Forward with Seashare!

E&E Foods Pays it Forward with Seashare!

E&E's "Seashare Scoreboard"... E&E's "Seashare Scoreboard" posts the cumulative, daily donations by employees - before company matching!
Despite uncertain times, E&E and its employees have worked hard to continue supplying our distribution channels with quality products. Increasingly, one of those channels has been Seashare, the non-profit that provides food banks nationwide with seafood protein - some of it through donations of the fish, itself, some of it paid for by financial donations.

In 2020, E&E and its employees have done both, providing more than 100,000 lbs. of seafood protein to Seashare and more than $23,000 (and growing) during its annual fund raiser. The final amount will be doubled by a generous match from the company. See more of what Seashare is doing and consider making a donation, as well!

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