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E&E Foods Donates to Oregon Food Banks Through SeaShare

Oregon Food Bank's 40-foot tr... Oregon Food Bank's 40-foot tractor-trailer ready to load at E&E's Renton plant. An empty truck... An empty truck... soon full and ready-to-go. soon full and ready-to-go. SeaShare partners with many ... SeaShare partners with many area food banks to provide great food to communities hit hard by COVID-19 Headed back to Oregon. Headed back to Oregon.
E&E Foods made its second donation to SeaShare--this one headed to the network of Oregon Food Banks. The full load will feed communities that are familiar with the Alaskan smelt, called eulachon, that also runs in the Cowlitz River near the Washington-Oregon border. Through SeaShare, E&E Foods has already donated more than half of their commitment to food banks in Alaska and the lower 48.

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E&E Foods Donates to SeaShare for Alaska Food Banks

E&E Foods repacked smelt ca... E&E Foods repacked smelt caught in Alaska's Susitna River in family-friendly, 10 lb. bags. 24 pallets just like this one ar... 24 pallets just like this one are headed to food banks in Alaska where smelt is prized as a high-protein food. PBX picked up the container fo... PBX picked up the container for shipment on Tote Maritime. A nearly full, 40' container wi... A nearly full, 40' container with a load of frozen seafood will soon be headed to Alaskan food banks.
E&E Foods, in conjunction with SeaShare and a host of SeaShare partners who donate their services including: PBX Trucking, D&B Transload, Tote Maritime Alaska, and Food Bank of Alaska, has donated more than 25,000 lbs. of frozen seafood to the Alaska Food Bank organization. E&E's donation is the first of four, similarly sized donations scheduled in the near future to help address the growing needs in communities hit by the COVID-19 virus.

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