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Alaska Salmon Alliance Jan 2015 Update

Alaska Salmon Alliance Jan 20... Alaska Salmon Alliance Jan 20... Alaska Salmon Alliance Jan 20...
Alaska Salmon Alliance January 2015 Update

The Alaska Salmon Alliance (ASA) is an IRS exempt 501(c)6 fisheries trade organization and a registered Alaska Corporation, representing seafood processors and commercial fishermen in Cook Inlet. We joined together with the goal of preserving long-term opportunities, not just for ourselves, but for all user groups dependent on the salmon stocks of Southcentral Alaska. ASA advocates for responsible salmon policies that will result in long term economic opportunities and benefits for Alaska coastal communities for future generations.

ASA focuses on public education across multiple themes. The value of commercial fisheries in Cook Inlet is not well understood by Southcentral Alaskan residents. ASA contracted with an independent Anchorage firm, Northern Economics, to produce an economic report on Cook Inlet commercial fisheries. Their report was published in 2013 and provides a wealth of information about all aspects of the industry from job creation to general regional economic benefits totaling more than 350 million dollars annually. This report is available on our web site. News articles about the report’s findings were published in local and statewide newspapers. The economic information is now routinely disseminated through our many outreach efforts.

Another of ASA’s priority public education themes is the need for scientifically-based salmon management to ensure long-term sustainability of the resource. We intend to be a reliable source for accurate information about salmon science and our industry.

In the past two years we have taken our message to many groups and venues. This year ASA was a sponsor and participant in the Kenai River Festival, Mat-Su Business Alliance Industry Appreciation Day, Palmer Colony Days, Eagle River Bear Paw Festival and the Kenai Industry Appreciation Day.

ASA has also joined in partnerships with business groups in the region including the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, the Resource Development Council, the Kenai, Soldotna, Palmer and Cordova Chambers of Commerce and the Mat-Su Business Alliance. In May we presented a program to over 100 persons from business and government at the Resource Development Council meeting in Anchorage. In June ASA made a similar presentation to over 150 persons at the Joint Kenai/Soldotna Chambers of Commerce at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center on the Economic Importance of the Cook Inlet Salmon Fishery.

As part of our effort to advocate for scientifically based, collaborative salmon management we have worked to develop relationships with the Alaska Board of Fish, Alaska Legislature, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Anchorage Assembly and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. ASA collaborates with the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association (CIAA) on a regular basis to promote their efforts at stream rehabilitation, pike eradication and salmon enhancement. Arni Thomson, as ASA’s representative, is on the Steering Committee of the Mat-Su Basin Salmon Habitat Partnership. Kicking off the new year, ASA has participated in the Governor’s Balls of Kenai, Anchorage and Wasilla, and it has been the featured sponsor of all the seafood at the Kenai and Wasilla Balls.

General public relations efforts have included website development, social networking via Facebook, multi-media advertising and personal networking within the Cook Inlet commercial salmon industry. We have collected photos and video of fisheries and industrial infrastructure.

It’s been a busy time and we feel that solid groundwork has been laid for us to work productively toward long-term sustainability for salmon and our industry in the Cook Inlet Basin.

For additional information contact:

Arni Thomson
Executive Director
Alaska Salmon Alliance
PO Box 586
Kenai, AK 99611-0586
907.929.0388 cell

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2015 Pacific Halibut Season

We anticipate having first of th... We anticipate having first of the season fresh Pacific Halibut to offer (weather contingent) by March 15th from our plant in Yakutat, AK-Yakutat Seafoods
Greg Indreland,of Yakutat Seafo... Greg Indreland,of Yakutat Seafoods pulling up a halibut onto his skiff 2015 Pacific Halibut Season
E & E offers day-boat halibut, packed and flown to you within hours of being caught.

Call your E & E Foods sales representative for more information regarding price and daily availability.

Please follow this link:
for the latest IPHC News Releases.

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Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOCKEYE!

Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC... Chef Don Gallup Prepares SOC...
When I fished in Kodiak a long time ago, I remember a variety of fish pies and loafs, but a Russian Easter dish of sockeye salmon was particularly amazing. It was stuffed with small onions and spinach, and covered with pastry dough that allowed creativity in design. Along with my colleagues, Josh Watts and Ted McDermott, we attempted to recreate this dish today in in the galley of E&E Foods.

We thawed out three of our beautiful Yakutat Sockeye salmon, and filleted and trimmed them, leaving the skin on and the pin bones in to honor the memory of the Kodiak dish of the past. Necessity being the mother-of-invention, I used an empty wine bottle to roll the pastry dough flat on parchment that I lightly dusted with flour to prevent sticking.

I put the right hand fillet on top of the rolled dough (skin side down), covered it with a mix of steamed onions, spinach and fresh-cut dill, followed by the left hand fillet (skin side out). Another sheet of rolled dough was draped over the top, molded around the body of the fish, pinched together with the bottom dough, and then GENTLY folded under the sealed fish. Preheat oven to 450 F, but lower to 350 F when put in the oven. Cook for 40 min to brown the pastry and cook the dish properly. Let sit five minutes after removing form the oven.

This dish would be excellent for children of all ages; there are opportunities to get creative with the dough - add fins, an eye, gills and a tail

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An Alaskan Salmon Goes to the Super Bowl

Stage 1: Fishermen near Yakut... Stage 1: Fishermen near Yakutat, Alaska, home to an E&E Foods-owned plant and some of the best tasting salmon in the world, fish for troll Kings. Stage 2: The salmon is quickl... Stage 2: The salmon is quickly cleaned-and-gutted, then packed in gel ice as cargo for an Alaska Airlines jet in Yakutat. Alaska Airlines then flies non-stop to Seattle. Stage 3: Alaska... Stage 3: Alaska Airlines then whisks the King salmon to Phoenix, where it is picked up by one of our great distributor partners in Arizona, for delivery to Phoenix’s fine restaurants.
Stage 4: fans from all over th... Stage 4: fans from all over the country enjoy some of the best tasting fish anywhere. Stage 5: Seahawks take the ai... Stage 5: Seahawks take the air out of Patriots 21-17. Go Hawks!
As the Seattle Seahawks, whose home field is a short distance from E&E’s headquarters in Seattle, get ready to play in their second straight Super Bowl, we decided to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to this week’s blog: the process and logistics involved in moving delicious E&E, wild Alaskan salmon from one of our plants in Alaska to Phoenix, Arizona, site of the Super Bowl. The whole process is complex and requires a lot of effort by E&E employees and our shipping and distributing partners to get delicious fish onto your plate the next day!

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Salmon Tailgate

Salmon Tailgate Salmon Tailgate
January means two things for most people: healthy eating kicks and playoff football.
In the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky enough to have easy access to a bounty of salmon to satisfy our craving for healthy protein AND we have our hometown team playing for their second straight Super Bowl appearance.

Traditionally, football tailgates involve large quantities of greasy, fatty food that don’t quite fall into most folks idea of a “healthy” diet, and may or may not make you fall asleep before the game starts. So, if you want to keep your tailgate grill running and do so a little bit healthier, don’t grill bratwurst this Sunday, grill salmon!

Besides simply grilling fillets with seasonings and lemon, here are some game day ideas using our favorite food from the ocean, while still falling into the “tailgate food” category:
Salmon sliders
Salmon burgers
Smoked salmon chowder
Smoked salmon dip
Salmon pastrami
Smoked Salmon carbonara
Smoked Salmon omelet (it is Noon kickoff)

E&E Salmon Tip: You love smoked salmon and want to do it at home, but don’t own a smoker? No problem.
There is an easy way to smoke your own fish at home, all you need is a charcoal Weber grill. Heat up 7-10 coals on one side of the grill, and put the salmon on the opposite side on top of the grate. Sprinkle your soaked chips on the hot coals evenly and add one coal every 10 minutes for an hour or until the salmon chunks have the smoked glaze you desire.
Brine overnight prior to smoking buried in a dry mixture of 3 parts brown sugar and 1 part sea salt with a few crushed garlic cloves mixed in. Rinse and dry off for an hour before smoking.

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Fish Wheel: Churning up some history

My recent viewing of a nicely... My recent viewing of a nicely made fish wheel model brought up the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of simplicity and natural mechanics. Europeans who came over for... Europeans who came over for the gold rush took note of the effectiveness of a wheel placed in the right spot on the river. The fish wheel is still used c... The fish wheel is still used commercially on the Yukon river today; but in a much more controlled, sustainable manner.
The natives have used various versions of the fish wheel for a very long time; allowing them to ensure enough food was caught for the village for the winter and to keep the sled dogs fed as well. At first glance the fish wheel doesn't seem overly impressive, just an awkward looking contraption of wood and netting. The fish wheel is designed to churn naturally with the river's current, dipping into the water, scooping fish, and sliding them gently out and off to the holding area as it comes out of the water.

By the 1890's the fish wheel method of catch was being widely employed on the Columbia river and by the mid 1920's had exhausted or collapsed fish populations in certain areas. While commercial fishing uses have been banned or drastically reduced, modern day conservationists have recognized the fish wheel for it's ability to allow them to capture fish, examine and tag them, and release them back into the river unharmed.


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E & E Annual Holiday Party

Randy and Tab Randy and Tab Randy entertaining guests at th... Randy entertaining guests at the party Ken and Marv Ken and Marv Todd giving the party a rating Todd giving the party a rating Koski Family Koski Family E & E Annual Holiday Party E & E Annual Holiday Party E & E Annual Holiday Party E & E Annual Holiday Party Tracy and Dom Tracy and Dom Many of our set net fishermen Many of our set net fishermen Some of our drift net fishermen Some of our drift net fishermen Ken Ng, John Sund, and Sam C... Ken Ng, John Sund, and Sam Cotton-Acting Commisioner of Alaska Fish and Game
Every year E & E hosts a holiday party to celebrate the year's successes with our Alaska Fleet of Fisherman.

The event was (well) attended by over 100 people!

Fun was had by all!


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E & E Thanksgiving

E & E Thanksgiving E & E Thanksgiving E & E Thanksgiving E & E Thanksgiving E & E Thanksgiving E & E Thanksgiving
This year's employee potluck was a huge success!

Everyone put forth a massive effort and their best cooking skills to present a lovely feast which was enjoyed by all.


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Yakutat Net Coho

Yakutat Net Coho Yakutat Net Coho Yakutat Net Coho Yakutat Net Coho Yakutat Net Coho
The pictures in this post are of refreshed Yakutat Net Coho.

Sizing represented is:

Please contact your E & E Sales Team Member for any and all queries.


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SeaShare Luncheon!

Jim Harmon of Seashare Jim Harmon of Seashare SeaShare Luncheon! SeaShare Luncheon! SeaShare Luncheon! SeaShare Luncheon!
E & E welcomes guest, Jim Harmon, to present information about his organization, SeaShare and to share lunch with the E & E team.

SeaShare is the only organization that focuses on seafood, and the seafood industry, as a source of nutrition for hunger-relief. They bring the resources of the Northwest fishing industry to help fight hunger in Western Washington and through food banks across the country.

For more information about SeaShare or to donate, visit their website:


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