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ALT Report: Teaching Japanese AND sharing Japanese Culture in K-12 schools

ALT Report: Teaching Japanes...
Hope you find this an interesting read, and if you like it why don't you share yours (on ALTinginJapan on Reddit -- when you're ready, that is)! Let's gradually show how ALTing can have a positive impact in Japanese school(s).

Moreover, please share this with as many ALTs as you can and let them know about r/ALTinginJapan!!

My name is Shino Ueo. I have been working at Cabell Midland High School and Huntington High School in West Virginia with Meagan Joseph sensei since August 2018.

Today I would like to introduce my work and life in America.

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English Club Lesson Plans (Bilingual)

English Club Lesson Plans (Bili...
Are you leading an English Club? If you're an ALT, is your Japanese not up to par?

The originals had nothing. So, it was quite challenging in that perspective. For some time already, Eigo Ganbare has gather its former experience to provide written English club lesson plans in both English and Japanese.

*In case of teachers being too busy, the student club leaders can use these.

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Google kills some of its content, so does Eigo Ganbare

Google kills some of its content...
Ever wonder of all the effort in making one thing gets killed?

Please make use of the revised lesson plans, each reduced to two pages in length! The originals were way much longer. Moreover, Eigo Ganbare doesn't have its website in Japanese anymore. It's to reduce the workload, but also doesn't have the budget (and the helpers) for it.

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