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English e-books

English e-books English e-books
Eigo Ganbare has reading material resources to be used in the classroom. Those are ORT digital books, expect they are templates only and comes equipped with interactive quizzes. To get the rest of the story content, please get them from your BOE.

Moreover, please use the ORT website for more remote e-learning experience! And, why not try out Khan Academy Kids.

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Online Lessons

Eigo Ganbanre Classroom Portal Eigo Ganbanre Classroom Portal eboard Online Lessons eboard Online Lessons
Are you looking for online lessons for your students? Because your school hasn't opened yet due to the COVID-19.

Well, as a reminder, the Eigo Ganbare Classroom Portal can also be used for your students to do self-study at home!

Furthermore, they can take advantage of the eboard video lecture tutorials and much more. They cover the core subjects from the MEXT curriculum.

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