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  • Vitalizer goes to space

Vitalizer goes to space

Vitalizer goes to space
Tonight we saw a National Geographic Live event at Seattle's Beneroya Hall featuring a discussion of GOING TO MARS.

Scott Kelly was featured as spending a year in space and came back 2 inches taller and with longer telomeres than his twin brother Mark. These are part of the science going in to preparing for that future event to Mars.

Important to us was that Scott and Mark also take Vitalizer daily. Vitalizer is a daily packet of six Shaklee supplements. Besides the Multi-mineral/vitamins, there is a probiotic that is encapsulated to wait to release until it gets to the large intestine and helps repopulate the good bacteria - that antibiotics destroy. The Fish Oil also waits to release in the small intestine so there is no residual fish taste and the B & C release slowly for twelve hours.

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