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RESILIENCE - The ability to overcome during difficult issues.

Drawing by Kaori - 9-yrs-old Drawing by Kaori - 9-yrs-old
Yesterday, the girls were escalating their emotions as they were working on taking charge of their own half of their bedroom. The window is one-third on Kirin’s side and two-thirds on Kaori’s side. Kirin wants the venetian blind on her side to be up more so she can put some of her precious items on the windowsill for display. Kaori doesn’t like the overall look when the blind is at an angle because she wants it down all the way.

Grandma talked with the girls and we talked about finding a word that would remind them to not escalate their energy, getting out of control. That was part of the homework Grandma learned at her workshop on RESILIENCE last Friday, by Oren Sofer at this place here in Marin County called Spirit Rock.

We decided to use the word “Yin” to remind us that yin from the dark side reminds us to also incorporate Yang and the light side - both are necessary parts of our life and neither is just good nor bad.

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