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Avi the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog

Avi the tiny foothill frog in the ... Avi the tiny foothill frog in the girl's room
On Thursday, August 2, we had a playdate with one of my new classmates, Saniyah. At their house they have an awesome pool that goes to about 11 feet. In the deep end, there are a ton of foothill yellow-legged frogs making their home in cement cracks and the ivy around the pool.
“You can take them home if you want,” Saniyah tells us. “We could make a habitat for them and you could take them.”
This got my attention.
“OK,” I responded. So we gathered rocks and a pinecone and placed it in a big container full of chlorinated pool water.
“Wait,” Saniyah’s sister, River said, “This is pool water. We need fresh water.”
So we poured out the pool water and filled it up with fresh water, filled it with the rocks and and pinecone and at last we were finished. Well, not quite…
“Now we need a frog.” I ran to the deep end and searched, but no frog could be found. We looked in the filter, no frog. We looked in the ivy, no frog. Finally, we decided that we should get in the pool again. Sooner or later, we figured, a frog would come out.
So we played a couple rounds of Marco Polo and finally we spotted a frog.
Our joy faded as soon as we realized we couldn’t get it out from the crack it was in. So we waited. And waited. The frog moved— everyone dashed to the crack. But it didn’t move anymore. So we waited some more until we wanted to play Marco Polo again.
Finally, Saniyah’s little brother spotted a frog swimming in the pool! It was a yay for all of us.
So we picked it up, put it in the container, put a plastic wrap around it and poked holes.
It was done.
So it was time to go back home and as we were driving, my sister and I started thinking of names.
“Avi!” I suggested.
“Well, if we can’t think of a name, we won’t name it,” I said.
“I thought it’s name was Avi!”
“You said you didn’t like that name!”
And sister fight.
But that is our cute story of how we came to adopt Avi the frog. We love him so much and hope he has any feelings for us, but for now we’re just hoping. ;-)

Written and typed by 10 year old granddaughter.

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