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What a man can be, he must b... What a man can be, he must be. This need, we call self-actualization according to American Psychologist Maslow
Today, I’m having a protein drink from the Starbucks in the Country Mart here in Larkspur. I stopped by the diesel bookstore that is closing their doors this weekend and having a 30% off sale. That’s $5 off of a paperback.

I gravitated to the Psychology section and the only books left were the hard backs. One of the paperbacks left was LIGHTER AS WE GO - Virtues, Character, Strengths and Aging.

The sun is shinning, it’s 72 degrees and there is a slight breeze as I take time at one of the outdoor seats here at Starbucks and glance through the book.

The book highlights the words, Kelly and I were brainstorming yesterday, that describe Sam’s character. We are beginning to outline how we want to organize and feature the legacy in the book we are putting together of Sam’s comics.

I’m adding the word TRANCENDENCE to Integrity, Resilience, Humbleness and Humor. Trancendence means: existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. It’s almost too big a word, but if we remove the religious aspect of the word, it fits Sam and how he lived his life.

Sam always described it as, “Getting in the zone”. It’s mentally gathering that energy and connecting with the thoughts of others who are also able to operate with transcendence. It’s being able to operate at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

My interpretation of Maslow’s chart is that we learn/choose to daily meet and be responsible for food, clothing, shelter and security/safety. Further, well-being is attained by those who also meet the needs daily for connections, respect/esteem. Ultimately, happiness is reaching the top and experiencing the esthetics of beauty, peace, love and fulfillment.

Transcendence is not for just extraordinary people. What is exciting is that we can all learn and unfold the paths to more fulfillment in our lives.

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