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Appreciation Of Weather Changes

Also fulfilling to practice bringi... Also fulfilling to practice bringing my own sunshine.
The summer spent in Larkspur was wonderful with sunny days and cooler nights here north of San Francisco. I didn't see rain for at least 3 months. Several residents and shop keepers have spent time in the Northwest Seattle area. Some want to go back. Most would never go back because of the rainy climate.

Yesterday, I dropped the girls at their school and I noticed the coat hooks are outside on the wall before going into the classroom. The 5th grade granddaughter was sad last week when it rained in the night because she loves gym class. It was sunny by gym class time. Such is life in California.

Today, I drove out to run errands, enjoying the sun. Then as I was coming home I felt nostalgic and found it kind of boring to see constant sun. It's nice to live in a country big enough to have choices. I like having to make clothing wear adjustments and make changes in activities due to the weather.

Perhaps in Seattle, I have more practice for as Frankie Laine says: "If you want to see the sun you have to weather the storm."

My cousin just sent me this John Wooden quote that suggests a good frame of mind about dealing with making changes like the weather:
"I'm not what I ought to be,
Not what I want to be,
But I am thankful that I am better than I used to be."

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