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Just in case we only get one ... Just in case we only get one shot at this whole being a human thing, I best decide what sort of human I want to be.
This morning, as part of the week of the Christmas season of giving, at the Waldorf School, I sat for a pre school-day piano concert by Eric and Laura Barnhill. Their son is in the fifth grade with our granddaughter.

I was also sent a morning imaged message: “LEAVE A LITTLE SPARKLE WHEREVER YOU GO” followed by the compliment that I am able to do so.

The morning I first committed to starting my Shaklee Stay-At-Home business in 1976, I decided to begin my business by leaving a positive impression with everyone I met.

I remember going to Marty’s Service Station on Mercer Island and filling our blue Regal Buick with gas. I went into the service office and complimented Marty on how wonderfully he treated us customers with the fact that he made sure his service station was surrounded by flowers he planted and cared for.

Then I went on to Albertson’s to pick up a few groceries and smiled and complimented Heidi, one of the store managers. Her father was Sam’s good high school friend, "Seibo", from back in Nampa, Idaho, where Alberson’s started. Seibo continued to work for Alberson’s as a sign painter. Sam also did some sign painting back then and was known to have painted Christmas scenes in store windows.

Within the the freedom to vent my little annoyances as put out by Mark Twain with his sardonic comments, I re-resolve to deliberately leave little sparkles myself this Christmas Season and on to the next new year!!

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