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It’s almost a year since Sam passed. What I’m missing the most is: “SOMEONE IN MY CORNER” to help me plan for Christmas.

I Love the Christmas Season of warming with heart and connections. I’m filling my mind with ways of making it special with food and memories of our most exciting times.

All my growing up years, we were very poor, but I knew I could ask Santa for one present. All year I planned for that one thing that I knew I could ask of Santa. I have a sister five years younger than me, but I was the one who always awakened at 5am or so to look under the tree. I could hardly wait for Kathy to awaken so we could open our ONE PRESENT. I was just as excited to see her open her present.

This one year around 1950, Terri Lee Dolls was the big thing. I was too old for dolls by then, but my sister was asking for one. Uncle Frank knew Kathy wanted this doll so on their fall vacation they bought one.

When they got back to Ontario and were parked in our driveway, Kathy and I ran out to welcome them home. Kathy saw the doll in the back of their Chevy Station Wagon. Christmas was still a couple months away.

Kathy and I didn’t do this often, but we had an Ouiji Board. After they left we asked the Ouiji board when she would get the doll. I knew it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but the board said: “tomorrow.” Sure enough, Uncle Frank found out Kathy had seen the doll so he gave it to her that next day.

Christmas 1950, I remember waking up and waiting. I was so excited to see Kathy when she found out she got a doll buggy!!

I can hardly wait to see our granddaughters awaken this 2018 Christmas Morning!!! That’s how I’m filling those empty corners for now.

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