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"YOYU" is a Japanese word: ... "YOYU" is a Japanese word:
Extra - extra time, extra money, extra energy, extra ability - for accomplishing the task at hand.
I find this article on my computer desk top. An example of having extra thoughts ready when I’m booked for the next few days and see that I haven’t posted this week:

Coach Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers was known to say: “If you are five minutes early, you are 10 minutes late.”

Here I am in seat 15f on my way to San Francisco to play some more of the nanny game. Reading the BEYOND Alaska magazine, there is an article about tips for how to enjoy flying. The first tip is to get to the airport early to avoid frustrations. The second tip is to wear the same set of clothes for each flight.

This morning I awoke an hour earlier than needed and I got to sleep early. I had plenty of time to remember things and not think of it in the car after leaving the house.

I have a window seat and am enjoying the sunny scenery,

When Lynette was three or four years old, our Suzuki violin teacher from Japan first taught us the word “YOYU” and how to create it. She explained that a three-year-old doesn’t mind repeating the same thing over and over. Parents have no trouble praising over and over. Each step, for instance of holding the bow in the right position becomes automatic. Lynette could do it without thinking and then concentrate on enjoying the piece as she shared.

At the age of almost eighty, I have acquired tools for extra energy with Shaklee supplements. My body houses “ME”. If I feed it right, put it in a decent environment, exercise/rest, and learn the tools to maintain a good attitude; I can enjoy the esthetics of love, beauty, peace and happiness in my God given life!!

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