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  • Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea

For less than $1, I can be en... For less than $1, I can be energized, and calmed and focussed on the tasks before me!
I’m sitting here having a cup of Shaklee’s Macha tea. It has more caffeine than a cup of coffee,72mg; but it doesn’t make me jittery and coffee does. The reason, according to Dr. Brouse, is the Atheanine Amino Acid (in celery & green peppers) with the catkins (also found in chocolate are calming. Therefore, we get the calming and extra energy. There is also Taurine, touted in sports medicine to bring focus.

History tells us, the Samurai knew the benefits of Macha Tea. And Shaklee is featuring Macha and Pomegranate Teas as part of their healthy weight products.

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