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In 1976, Sam and I went to learn how to buy fixer up houses and use them as our retirement income. Forty-Three years later, what is left after taxes is an important part of my retirement income.

The best part of the learning was on how to use our UNIVERSAL/SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND to get and accomplish the things in life that bring us fulfillment and happiness. I share this principle as often as I can as I do my nutritional and family counseling with the Shaklee opportunity.

One of the exercises we learned was of how successful people are able to open the gate (green arrow above) to the Superconscious or Universal Mind. We learned about Napoleon Hill in his book, THINK AND GROW RICH (not just money rich, but money is important too) interviewing people like President Hoover. Hoover went into a quiet room and practiced a form of meditation to open his gate to get answers to his issues and questions.

To open the green gate to the Superconscious mind, we can deliberately fill our SubConscious mind with positive thoughts. The easiest way to do this is to make a list of fun and happy experiences in our lives and read them at bedtime. Our Subconscious mind is a tape recorder and is filled with positive+ and negative- thoughts. It is suggested that successful people have more positive thoughts in their bank.

We further practiced:
1. Write: that means to literally write a question and phrase it in a positive way as to something I want to accomplish. For instance, "What is the best way to..."
2. Try: that means to brainstorm as many ways as I can think of to answer my question.
3. Ask: after the first two steps, I then turn it over to my Universal Mind and go to sleep.

I did this regularly as I built my Shaklee business and I would wake up with an idea and act on it.

Today, I continue to use this tool as I plan and continue the things that are important to me - "Bringing out the best in myself and others."

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