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  • Gift of KK Energy

Gift of KK Energy

Appreciate being surrounded w... Appreciate being surrounded with positive energy
that I love sharing
to attract the things I want in my life.
This past week, I was blest with visitors, Jodi & KK, from Hilo, Hawaii. I love the confidence almost 17-yr-old KK shows as she attended Tennis Camp at the Sandpoint Tennis Center. There is no doubt about why she is third in her age group from Hawaii as she competes in national tennis tournaments.

"Make strong choices, go with your instinct." I just heard this quote and as I explain KK's demeanor, she totally goes with what she thinks is right and is clear about expressing herself. She says she has no intention of going on to professional tennis, but the skills she is acquiring will get a scholarship to college and connections to the Universal Minds of success.

The whole week, KK kept encountering "coincidences" like I've described in the previous blogs. On the 4th of July, we went to Daiso in Bellevue to shop. As we were in the checkout line, the person behind calls KK's name in recognition. The person was someone they knew from Maui on the Tennis circuit. Also, during the time KK was at the tennis camp the coach from Whitman College, John Hein, happened to be in Seattle and saw KK's name as one of the participants and called.

What a week of positive energy!

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