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NHK - Nippon Hoso Kyokai - ... NHK - Nippon Hoso Kyokai - Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Stories featuring families wanting their children to grow up
NHK is my go to station for news and background information. Last night I was watching an interview for the building of the Shibuya Plaza in Tokyo. Typical of the Japanese mental attitude for innovations, the interviewee says, “Any project takes at least 10 years of incubation.”

In all Japanese arts, one understands so called "apprenticeship" for at least 10 years before becoming the first level of being called master or "Ichi-dan" .

Malcolm Gladstone in OUTLIERS writes, "It takes 10,000 hours of repetition or practice to become professional." He highlights individuals like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who put in their 10k hours before coming up with something to get paid.

My friend Michi is a concert pianist and the Suzuki Method started in her home in Japan. Dr. Suzuki starts children at age 3 so they can get in the 10 years before they get busy with high school activities.

It’s heartening to see a NHK program featuring young families who are moving back to where the previous generation deserted the countrysides for the cities. They are moving back to reestablish some of the arts of their ancestors with the old-fashioned hours of labor and lack of pay for their hours. The comment, “I am poorer, but happier.”

The narrator's young daughter has to walk 40 minutes to her school over the mountain of exquisitely kept green hillside farms. They are picking their snacks off the trees. They are providing an incubation with nature for their children.

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