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"I know I have the ability to ac... "I know I have the ability to achieve..."
and the best zone is when I am with friends and relatives..
“Being In The Zone”, was a constant part of our conversation as Sam and I watched SeaHawk games, worked on our Shaklee Business Newsletters or wrote our books.

Being in the zone, refers to a state of physical/mental activity that is deeply motivating. It’s a balance of challenge and skill, completely absorbing, with clear goals or deadlines. Further, a merging of action and awareness, total concentration, loss of self-consciousness, a sense of control, no extra rewards needed, transformation of time, and effortless movement.

We often recognized, the zone, at 2am or 3am. We found ourselves smiling because it was so fulfilling.

Then we ran to our kitchen pantry, made ourselves a Shaklee shake so our bodies could have the ingredients to repair and replace our worn out cells as we snuggled and went to sleep.

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