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Live a life of energy, meaning... Live a life of energy, meaning and purpose
brain paths can be altered with
choosing healthy changes and persistent practice.
The Coronavirus Issue hot spot is next door in Kirkland, WA. I am self-isolating myself from most of public gatherings. That is not because I am afraid of getting the disease because I have a healthy immune system. But I don’t want to be a carrier or get involved with a quarantine situation.

Forty-three years ago my husband talked me into using my Nursing Degree from the Univ. of WA to start an in-home business with nutrition and family counseling. Sam had a Glucose Tolerance test indicating probable Diabetes. His father had Diabetes. Choosing to treat himself nutritionally, Sam was able to avoid the disease diagnosis the rest of his next 42 years to age 85. His goal was to live well to the end and mine is the same. I changed my focus from "sick" care to health care.

I found this article in one of our old newsletters:

The Longevity Project was 90 years in the making.

*Exercise won’t help you live longer.
*You don’t have to eat your vegetables.
*Stress and worry can be good for you.
*Being too optimistic can kill you.

The study tracks 1,528 Californians for almost their entire lives, started in 1921. Lewis Terman, researcher who started the project, died more than half a century ago. Other researchers have continued and conclude... “Many common health recommendations are ill advised or simply wrong!”

They say, steady daily movement like gardening and walking your dog are more likely to lead to a longer life than endless series of exercise failures.

They found people who worry and suffer some stress - the creative stress that keeps you focused and driven - live longer than the carefree types.

Married men live longer than single or divorced - but divorced women lived nearly as long as married ones. Men - it looks like you need her more than she needs you. I’d say, don’t worry, but a little worry may be good for you! -THE DOUGLAS REPORT, VOLII, NO 7

If I catch the virus, it’s likely to be mild, but that doesn’t mean something won’t happen down the road. Until that time, I choose to live HAPPY AND SHARE by continuing to bring out the best in myself and others!

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